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Clarion Area School District Reviews

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We are free to make our own choices at school.We can choose what subjects we want to do. If you are not interested in studying some subjects, you can opt for other things like music, art, or PE. You can join clubs and make friends with people who have the same hobbies as you.

We can have fun, sing, talk and play games during breaks. School life is full of joy and laughter – something that cannot be found so easily later in life.
I can’t imagine what my life will be like after I leave school. Will my colleagues at work be as caring as my classmates? Will my boss forgive my mistakes like my teachers do? Will I lose my passion for life when I have to go out into the real world?School provides us a with a good environment in which to grow up. I am going to miss my school so much when I graduate.
I like the athletics at Clarion. We always put our best effort with football, volleyball, whatever sport, Clarion will over power other schools.
Clarion is a very small school but unfortunately, most teachers are hired based on politics. A couple sports are very good at Clarion but the rest suffer because of the lack of funds being equally spread.
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Clarion Area provided some opportunities for success, with some AP courses and extracurricular programs in the arts and sciences. I managed to excel academically and graduate with a fairly well-rounded education. However, I found that some areas of instruction were lacking.
The clarion school district is really great they Really pay attention to their students and make sure that they are safe and are learning.
Some wonderful teachers, very good classes. Would like to see some additional class offerings but as classes get smaller that becomes very difficult. All around have been satisfied.
The reason I gave this school a 4 is because I had such a wonderful experience with the Art program. It is one of a kind and I wouldn't be the same person I am today without it. Also Mr. Love is a wonderful English teacher and I learned so much my 11th grade year in that class.
I attended this school for many years; however switched schools due to it not being challenging. The school has a bias on hiring and there is no diversity in the school.
I enjoyed most of my time spent at Clarion Area High School. During my 11th and 12th grade year I was involved in band. The band program at Clarion Area is very welcoming and parents are very much so involved. I was also involved in the Art program as well as the cross country team. I would like to see the student involvement change. There is very little support from students at supporting events and to me, that is disappointing. Overall, Clarion is a great school to be apart of.
I enjoyed my high school experience very much. My school offers quite a wide variety of different extracricuulars for students to get involved with. I personally am involved in student council, cross country, track, class officer, show choir, senior high choir, and the art history club. I have met a lot of new people and also learned much more than I would have if I would have just done the regular curriculum and not gotten involved with extracricuulars. I have taken some of the extra classes my school has to offer such as AP Government, Advanced Biology, chemistry, Enriched English, French, and also Spanish. With everything taken into account that I have done in high school it has made my high school experience a great start to my life. I have not enjoyed my schools strict rules however. I know their must be structure to keep order but I believe my school focuses more on the small rules rather than the education part of school.
Overall I had a very good high school experience. I got good grades, I was captain of the volleyball team, president of the choir, I was involved in musicals, NHS, and many other groups throughout my high school career. My teachers were amazing. They truly cared about every student and since class sizes were so small, we got more one on one time with our teachers. I think that definitely helped me receive a quality education from my school. I always felt safe in Clarion, and our parents were heavily involved in sports and music events. Being in a small school has its downfalls too. For one, my school was almost 100% white students. I had very little experience with people of different races, and it was a shock to see how much more diverse college was. Also, my school, along with many other high schools, did not prepare me for the real world.
I have been a student in the district since I was in preschool. Clarion Area has prepared me for college and for the world. The staff is very friendly and the facilities are always clean. The academics are top notch and truly prepare for the college courses. It is a very safe environment. The sports programs have a great staff and has shown to bring a lot of success, especially the football team. All in all, It is and excellent school to send your child to
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