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I liked that last year we could order lunch in and eat healthier or even leave school and go out to Lunch Now with all the school shootings our school has taken that orivelage away. They have provided us with a Panini maker and in the beginning I was getting Paninis everyday
Now I would love some variety with Lunch
Nutritional food choices is needed for my Brain
I also wish classroom experience was engaging I don’t learn well with just lecturing
Very good school but question the amount of support and preparation for college testing compared to other districts. Overall, I like it. What I don't like is the limited opportunity for students to join the plays, sports,etc. Its very competitive and possibly too big to allow all students to get involved.
Some of the best teachers are at Clarence. We have an amazing amount of APs to choose from. Our sport teams are also really good. However, improvements could be made. The school bathrooms are constantly locked and in terrible condition.
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A comprehensive educational experience is to be found in the Clarence Central Schools with opportunities for enrichment that ranges from athletics to academics. There are a wealth of courses, teachers are highly educated and have high expectations, facilities arenew or newer, and students receive a top private school education in a public setting.
Most of the teachers in the district care about the students and want to see them succeed. The teachers are available either before, during or after school if a child needs extra help. I like going to open house because the teachers have the whole year planned out and they give you what they expect from the kids. Overall it has been a very good, pleasant experience for me and my family.
Overall, my experience at Clarence was great - I met many great people that I grew up with. The teachers are amazing and you are very prepared for college live thanks to this school district.
I built great relationships with my teachers here and felt very prepared to continue onto college! There were so many clubs and activities to join and always opportunities to complete community service hours. Many clubs are focused on community service and help you to complete a 50 underclass/ 50 senior hours to graduate with a community service distinction award
Clarence Central High School is a great school and has prepared me very well for college. There are somethings that could be improved though such as the bathrooms which are constantly filthy, another thing is the safety could be improved. The addition of a SRO this year was a good start but there is more that could be done. Some great things are the class selection we are very lucky to have all of the options we have. The sports facilities are phenomenal as well.
I enjoy the atmosphere and education the school offers but think there are a few issues when it comes to the social climate. There is sometimes noticeable social exclusion of students that I hope isn't an ongoing issue. I hope to see more people getting along.
I like the Clarence Central School District but have been very disappointed with how they deal with kids that have trouble in school settings. They also need to work on bullying and harassment issues. The school is also very cliquey and some people may feel left out. Something else needs to be done about preparing for college which may mean more involvement of guidance counselors.
I enjoyed my time as a student in the clarence schools. i was a student from kindergarten all the way through my senior year and had so many amazing teachers that left amazing affects on my thinking and skill sets, as well as was given amazing opportunities to make friends.
Lunch selection could improve (offer salad bar, fruit bar, soup bar and pizza everyday). Guidance counselors could be more involved with High school planning. I would have liked the extra curricular activities after school instead of in the morning. Have one large cafeteria instead of two smaller ones.
Clarence High School is place of inconstancy. I find teachers I love and make learning fun, then I find teachers that only teach because they need a job and have zero passion and it shows. Also the administration finds ways to make all activities much worse than they should be.
Clarence Central School District, in my opinion, one of the best schools in the area. They have a wonderful staff, everyone is willing to help you, and you never feel left out. Even though the school district had a ton of kids, it always felt like somebody was there to be your friend, no matter what.
I enjoyed how even though the class sizes were very large ll the students were able to get to know each other and mingle with other grades. something I would change would be the teacher student one on one. For example when a student needs help, try to focus on the students and see which way a student will learn better.
Clarence teachers are all top notch - very passionate about their jobs and their students. All in all they prepared me well for college and let me grow in a natural way. Diversity at Clarence is a bit low - most of my classmates were white - but we all got along and it made a larger district feel very personal. Some of the best moments I had were spent on the track team with my friends, many of the girls and guys are very competitive and go far in competition. Overall, my experience was positive with this school and i wouldn't trade it for any other experience.
It is a very good school to put your kids into if you want to receive the best education tailored towards the best universities. I would like to see the budgeting change to allow for more arts classes to broaden student perspectives.
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I like the facilities at the school and the teachers are mostly very good. I'd like to see more diversity of both people and thought.
The overall learning enviornment of Clarence is very nice and up to date. Most of the teachers are really good!!
What I liked about the Clarence Central School district was the teachers and the location. I felt very safe and motivated to learn. If I could change one thing it would be to make the district a little more diverse, and start teaching equality and acceptance at a younger age. As far as academics go, Clarence was a very great place to learn.
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