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I liked the teachers but I wish the school paid more attention to the other activities instead of just focusing on football.
Claremore Public Schools has a wide variety in classes, clubs, and activities for students to engage in. The block scheduling is also very nice for a change of pace halfway through the year.
Claremore High School is a great place to attend school. There are various clubs and organizations that students can get involved in to make the 4 year experience even better. The teachers, counselors, and principals are very engaged in all of the students, making sure everything is running smoothly. All in all 10/10 recommend this school for any child that wants a fun place to learn!
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Claremore Public Schools is a good school. The environment is nice and all the staff there really want to see the students prosper. They try their best to prepare them for ACT testing and for college
In my experience at Claremore High school the clubs and activities are highly endorsed by faculty and most students are involved. Although in terms of education some of the teachers lack motivation to truly teach their students how to properly comprehend the subject or material. Instead they focus on teaching them just enough to pass the exam present by said teacher. This not does not apply to every teacher but applying to any is an issue. So while student involvement in clubs and activities is above average the educational aspect of Claremore public schools could be improved.
We had some great teachers for one kiddo but overall they didn’t follow our IEP of our other kiddo. The principal didn’t care and the special needs teachers were horrible. Glad we are done.
Loved growing up with my zebra spirit and amazing teachers! Sadly, due to budget cuts, many classes, activities, and teachers have left. I wish Claremore schools got the funding they deserve.
I've met great teachers and some very poor teachers. The teachers that are great know what they're doing, but the ones who don't know how to teach don't get fired and that is not right.
The teachers are pretty passionate about their jobs however the adminstration (the principals) are very one track minded and are not always on the side of the students. 9/10 times it's gonna be what the want compared to what's best for the students.
The community was unparalleled, due to the fact that most of their students are well-rounded. Everyone seems to know everyone within the Claremore school district. The teachers not only provide an education, but also pour personal experience into their lessons to show how the lecture is applicable to modern society. As far as that goes, I believe that attending the Claremore High School has made me a more experienced and well-educated person, overall.
Before I went to Claremore schools I was having difficulty in all subjects, after one year in school here I was already caught up with my grade and began to like school again. The teachers have made me want to continue my education, and also help it. Now because of them I want to be a teacher and hopefully inspire students like they did for me.
Claremore schools are ok but sometimes I think they need to have more buses for the children who live so far away.
I overall have had a wonderful education at Claremore Public Schools. All of the teachers are very nice and genuinely care about the success of their students. Claremore has given me many opportunities through clubs and other extracurricular activities, but I would love to see them add immersion programs.
Great student to teacher ratio, and not to big or not to small. Food is not great but, there is off campus lunches you can go get your own food.
I liked the activities, the student body supporting each other in everything. what I think could change is hiring teachers that care alittle more to be there to actually teach students what they need to know.
I liked the teachers but some things I would like to see changed is resources and there should be a more diversity of classes.
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