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I loved that students felt safe and accepted in their place of learning. There were opportunities for sports, clubs, jobs, and other extracurricular activities available for everyone. The teacher/student relationships are awesome which really helps the learning atmosphere great.
I had went to Clare schools from kindergarten-eighth grade. I homeschooled for high school to get done a year early.
The teachers and curriculum were both very amazing. Clare is by far the most progressed school in the area and that's what I loved about it. By the end of eighth grade, they already are talking about college. It was a good thing to be considering at that time!
Small class sizes, offers a lot of different courses. Everyone is extremely friendly there. Since there are only around 450 students there you get the chance to be familiar with a lot of them, but it doesn’t feel too small. Very updated facility
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I enjoyed how our principal was apart of our high school experience. He wasn't there to be in his office all day. He was active in talking to students, helping everyone achieve their goals for their future with many opportunities, and helpful advice. There were many opportunities to be involved with like BPA, clubs, and activities.
Clare school district is probably the best school district in the county. Academics are not easy, you can't just show up and pass. It is important that students are prepared for college and will be able to handle the curriculum that will be in college.
The teachers/staff/coaches at my school are always taking the extra step for their students. Our whole community cares about our school and are always giving back to it, and we continue to represent our town and give back to them. If anything I would like to see more diversity in our community and for the people to be more open to new ideas.
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