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Claiborne County School District Reviews

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I have had an amazing experience with the Claiborne School District. I moved here from Florida when I was in third grade and the parents, schools and community welcomed me with open arms. They are friendly and go out of their way to help in any way they can.
The school system is great for anyone living in the area. The school system could use some improvements in the amount of teachers they have, and asl o what their budget is used for.
Great school district to raise kids! This is an over all great area but they do need to work on college readiness. They are on the road to working towards that goal. Staff all seem to care about the kids and making the school environment a comfortable one.
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Great schools. Opening many opportunities to the people in our area! Our teachers are very kind and considerate, they also go the extra mile to make sure we are learning effectively. Our schools are spread very well, so that there is a school nearby to every student in Our county.
claiborne co, schools have very hard working self sacrificing teachers that really give 110% to their students. some of them even give with their own money to help the students have what they need to learn.
I am a student at Claiborne High and overall I have had a great High School experience. Like every school it has its flaws but its overall a good school. Has very good sports and club programs. The teachers care a lot its just some of the students do not. I would like to see more security take place. Most the times our front door and other doors are not even locked, anyone can just walk in. Apparently they are working on it though.
I love the kindness of the teachers and staff here in Claiborne county. They are all here to help everyone who has the drive to succeed. The only thing lacking in this district is diversity. Although that is all too common in a small community.
I attended Cumberland Gap High School, in Harrogate Tennessee. My experience there was as good as it could have been for a liberal student in an all-conservative town. The administration tried to make school as interesting as possible, but had this noose around their necks with dress code, and student conduct. The majority of the teachers, (excluding two or three) all did their utmost best to help you if you were struggling. The rules regarding tardiness were ridiculous, somehow showing up late was a hideous crime, opposed to not showing up at all...CGHS did not help get me ready for college at all. In such a small town, there is little diversity. In the next few years I would like to see more ethnicity in my old school, and perhaps, for the school system to realize that visible female shoulders and legs are not a valid reason to send someone home.
Claiborne Schools are a good experience. We learn a lot and try to involve all students as possible. Just last week we had a breakfast tailgate and it was such a wonderful turn out for all students and teachers!
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