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All of the teachers I had cared deeply about the students and subjects. Other than that there wasn’t anything good going for the school. It was poorly run I had to wait an hour to see an administrator after food was thrown at me whilst I was in my junior ROTC uniform. My instructors for ROTC were furious but, no one else cared one bit it cost my family one hundred dollars to clean that uniform. Yet, those responsible didn’t receive any punishment what so ever. Over all, good teachers bad school and even worse administration.
I love Citrus schools. I think that there needs to be more bullying prevention in the middle schools.
I've had a very great experience with this school district. Teachers were respectful and always there to help, the schools themselves offer a overall friendly atmosphere.
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Citrus county schools always put students first, and make you very comfortable with how many clubs, sports and activities are offered.
I’ve grown up in the citrus county school system. It has treated me well but I wish it would’ve prepared me more for life as well.
Citrus County schools are above average. A nice, clean community and school to attend. My daughter is a Senior at Lecanto High school. She attends the International Baccalaureate program. An excellent program to prepare her for college and the future. She has been challenged and pushed to prepare her for rigorous coursework. The Citrus County school system is very fortunate to be able to offer the International Baccalaureate program to its' students.
Citrus county is a very good area to attend school at. The always active teachers are willing to help out any student in need. They do not tolerate bullying or drugs on school campus. I feel very comfortable at my school.
Citrus county schools are amazing! One thing I would like to see change is the lunch foods. People get sick from the school lunches a lot.
In comparison to the 7 schools I’ve attended, I can easily say this one was the best, and thankfully I graduated from this one in the year of 2014. My first day shocked me. I recall students being very nice and welcoming me into their groups and inviting me to lunch. Speaking of lunch, there is plenty of healthy options! Teachers were very engaging and did not make me feel like I had to show how much I know rather than focus on acquiring what I needed to be college ready. I felt very involved and valued as a member of the Lecanto School of Art and had the pleasure of going to the Ringling Museum and College in Sarasota. I attended the beautiful museum and loved going to a drawing class with my own canvas and model! It was a fantastic experience and I enjoyed going to my grad bash at Orlando Studios. I’m proud to say I graduated with a 3.4 as a Lecanto Panther!
We have lived in citrus County for more than 20 yrs. the school system is horrible. Yes, I have been involved in school activities, have helped with the band and other extra curricular activities which are given little to no support.
The big thing at citrus is the football team. they get whatever they want and need.
Citrus High School is a good school as long as you are lucky with the guidance counselors and teachers that are assigned to you.
I had a great experience in the Citrus County School District. I went to a Crystal River High School and it was very nice but a big thing I didn't like were some of th rules in the Code of Conduct especially the dress code rules. I and many others had a lot of issues with that.
I would like to see changes in citrus county schools their priorities in clubs and activities. I have noticed sports are the main spot light in all schools and i feel that's wrong. All clubs and activities should be recognized and equally funded. Also I would like to see changes in the quality of education, more hands on and for the students.
I liked the education and quality of mot teachers. I would change the strictness an limitations on self expression/fun.
A lot of the schools here in Citrus County are well-rounded. You come in, and they immediately make you feel comfortable and put in effort to make sure you stay that way. I love how everyone around me is determined to get somewhere and they work very hard to achieve that.
It is a great school system if you are either in the IB program or in Avid. The kids that are A B students can't take the AP and Honor courses because they are full of IB and Avid students. Even ESE students get a better education than the forgotten A B students
I went to Lecanto High, one of the better schools in the county. My teachers were fantastic-- I learned so much from all of them and they made me feel no just like a student, but a scholar. I feel ready to function as a contributing member of society because of my education here.
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Moved to Citrus County two years ago and have been disappointed with the quality of education that I received. Luckily I can still move on towards college next year.
i would have to say i really enjoyed attending my educational career in Citrus County. I am senior in high school,and I've had no issues with any of the teachers here. They cant teach the curriculum efficiently, while maintaining relationships in the most interesting ways. The grading is fair, the school rules are fair, and everyone seems to know everyone. My highschool (Lecanto High) is full of amazing faculty and staff who many students look up too. Not many students want to admit, but citrus county made learning..well fun.
The only school that I have been to in Citrus county is Crystal River High. Ive always moved around so I have always changed schools but Crystal River High is the best High school that I have attended. The atmosphere is friendly and encouraging just like the majority of the teachers. The only improvements that I can think of are to increase the amount and variety of clubs. Also, I would like to mention that the food is the best that I have had at any other school. Some teachers are better than others but in regards to the staff they are all helpful and friendly. The teachers that I have had have all been great with working with me to keep my grades up.
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