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I like that the teachers all cared about the students wellbeing outside of class work. I went through a lot of hardships at home in highschool and my teachers were always ready and willing to help me through everything. They pushed me to never give up on my goals, when things got tough. The only thing I’d like to change is the pressure of standardized testing but that’s not something the school can fix because it’s forced by state government.
I love this school specially because you learn so much about God. They always make sure every week at least once every week you have a tutor which is mandatory to meet with them and they really help a lot. Being at this campus makes me focus a lot on my grades because I don’t have to be going out partying all the time .
I had a pretty good experience at the school, but some aspects were not that great. There's isn't much diversity at the school, and some of the teachers either do not know what they are teaching, or are not willing to work to help the student. Majority of the teachers were great though and there also seemed to be a lot of parent involvement in the school system.
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Circleville City School District is new, very clean and safe. I've went here my whole life, and have never wanted to go somewhere else due to the comfortability I have developed here. The staff is great and is always wanting the students to achieve so much. They never stop giving it their all and are always on the go, trying to make sure we are always getting better at everything in life.
Circleville City Schools, when taking into account factors such as academics and social atmosphere, is an average school. The academics at Circleville are fair and there are many educational opportunities for students. Most teachers are very friendly and most students will have a teacher that they feel comfortable talking to if any major problems arise.
Unfortunately, one of the most apparent problems with Circleville City Schools is the administration. When concerns are brought to the attention of the administration, very little is done to appease the worries of parents and students alike. There have been several social issues such as cruel "jokes" and hate speech that have not been properly addressed, much to the displeasure of students and parents.
It's not too bad, the teachers have favorites but that's everywhere. If you aren't an athlete then the teachers don't talk to you much, they play favoritism with them the most. We have pretty nasty lunches, always the same thing.
The new schools are great quality and have an excellent safety protocol. The teachers are all very hands on and really work hard for their students. Also, the dynamic at Circleville is improving from good to great with the administration seeking out thoughtful criticisms of the school. They really care about the input of the students and try to make the school the best it can be. The athletic programs are top of the line with coaches that push their players to be the best they can be, on and off practice time. The implementation of Drug Free Club has also allowed for students who choose not to use to be recognized and for those who have to stop.
Overall, I thought Circleville City Schools was nice. I am happy to have gone there and learned what I did from the students and staff of the district.
Circleville High School seems just like any other high school to anyone on the outside, but to me it was a place that made me who I am today. I would call it more of a home to me.
What a wonderful school. The buildings are new and very accommodating. My final years in new buildings made for new experiences and opportunities not yet experienced.
The faculty and educators have been genuine and committed to helping me and others to excel within the classroom. I have had the chance to take advanced coursework, participate in labs and clinical trials outside the classroom, and develop my leadership qualities among peers and community members.
Circleville City Schools have been good to me.
Overall Circleville is an awesome district. With getting new schools the facilities are beautiful but the rules that come with them are not. The administration is lacking but the teaching staff makes up for this. The food in the schools is terrible and more options should be offered.
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