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Cinnaminson Township Public Schools Reviews

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Cinnaminson High School is a school where everyone feels welcomed. My first year there, I was greeted by much of the staff and they even had older students help freshman find their classes. Through out my years there, I watched students help out other students with anything they needed. No one ever sat alone during lunch and everyone was friendly with another. Cinnaminson offers a bunch of activities like the Gay Straight Alliance, Students Against Drunk Driving, Multicultural Club, etc. Many students become friends through these clubs. There are also many sports at Cinnaminson and the students are always supporting the teams! Overall Cinnaminson High School is a great school where students can achieve great things!
The schools are all very welcoming to everyone along with okay safety due to a police officer almost always being on school grounds. The "nutritional" lunches are not appetizing. Though the school promotes eating well they don't follow through with the right products. The academics are good which help any student school experience, along with a large amout of extra-curricular activities.
The teachers are very caring and administration is decent. Families are a huge part of the school community. Also, the schools are becoming more diverse finally.
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Cinnaminson has a fantastic public school system. They hire great teachers that manage to connect to their students. Cinnaminson also boasts great administration.
I like that cinnaminson high school is very diverse and a lot of students and their families are close and grew up in the same town. A lot of relatives of mine went to school and no much of the staff and other families that attend school there. I would like to see the organization of some academia schedules and see better placement and help for certain academic standing
This is a great district; their are amazing educators and lots of opportunities for children to thrive.
I have only attended the middle and high schools at cinnaminson however they are a great improvement over the school I formerly attended.
High School was a great time for me. The teachers here are wonderful and seem to truly care about the students. My junior year was a little hectic because we had construction going in but I love this school.
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