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Overall, Churchill County School District is great. One thing that I would like to see changed is the bullying problems. They claim to be "zero tolerance," but when faced with an issue, they tend to say that cannot do much. We are a tight-knit community and seeing us all come together during performances and sporting events is heartwarming as well.
Attending Churchill Co. high school for the 4th year I wouldn't want to go anywhere else I do really like it here. There is great teachers and staff. I would like to see more students involved in everything but it is overall a great school.
I like the involvement of the staff and I greatly appreciate the teachers I have had. They have been extremely helpful and supportive and they care about how I learn and succeed in school. I am grateful for the opportunity to have partaken in AP and honors classes as well as several college classes at the local campus of Western Nevada College. I feel greatly prepared for college and I am glad to say that I attended Churchill County High School.
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Churchill County High School is a great place to got to school. We live in a small community and the town is always supporting us in everything we do. Sports are probably the best thing someone can get into it keeps kids from getting in trouble (for the most part). The continuous drug testing keep all athletes on track. As for the schooling we are always busy with homework, but some of the teachers do not push us to our full potential nor do they strive to help us. If you go in for help, you may or may not get it or get a clear understanding. One thing they can work on is willingness to teach and put in the time to keep the class moving and learning.
Being involved in student council, it would have nice to of had more participation from the student body like at football games and pep rallies. We would put a lot of hard work into planning them to make them fun, but everyone thought they were too cool to participate. Even though we have a hard time with people getting excited, we're all a greenware and we're family.
I attended Churchill County High school for four consecutive years. I enjoyed the school environment and the help provided by administrators to succeed is a specific class. One thing I would like to be changed is the involvement of students in the school relatives activities.
Churchill County is a great school when it comes to sports and agriculture. CCHS has a good academic program, when is comes to getting you ready for college. I wish this school could reach out to the students some more.
I liked that there are some teachers who do care about their students and actually go out of their way to help them in any way they can. I like that some truly teach their students' different ways to learn, understand that students learn differently as well, and they help teach us real-life applications.
The administration is biased towards athletes and don't care about the rest of the students. Most of the faculty doesnt care if you pass the class or not they are basically here for a paycheck and thats about it.
Churchill County School District is a very small comunity and that creates a very secure enviornment and a caring relationship with teachers and students. Unfortunately, the smallness of the district has led to underfunding. The district cannot afford to hire an adequate number of staff members and this leads to poor preformance. The teachers are often teaching classes that they are not necessarily qualified to teach in order to make up for the lack of staff.
I would like to see less focus on dress code “issues” and importance of sports and more focus on those students in need of special academic help.
The school helped me create a lot of friends that I got the opportunity to meet and they even helped me through school with teachers who would offer the extra help for students to improve their knowledge on some subjects.
Churchill County High School is a high school in a rural community. Rural communities can be like a big family. My school works hard to make each of us feel connected. One down fall is that when everybody knows everybody, athletic teams are mostly chosen biasly.
Being in the band, on the tennis team, on the softball team, in the STOP (Students Taking on Prevention) Club, and being apart of the my senior class's homecoming court, I have felt connected and loved by a plethora of people.
The teachers care about your interests and try their best to help you achieve your goals for after high school. They prepare you for success and help make school a more enjoyable experience.
I would really like to see the school administration itself more involved in the other clubs and activities, rather than watching all of the money get spent on sports and new buildings for them, and see it go to giving other clubs more opportunities to do things.
I like that the district is small enough that the teachers know you personally and are willing to help you. I would like to see more challenging courses offered.
My experience overall was a good preparation for college. My only complaint would be that the math department needs a little improvement. The upper level chemistry courses are the best classes offered.
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Overall it's a wonderful, typical "small country town" feeling. Everybody knows everybody. Not much to complain about.
Churchill County High School is a welcoming school. Many of the students are friendly and most all of the teachers do great at their job. The only thing I'd like at CCHS is more class options for the liberal arts or more clubs.
The school has been okay. There is a heavy emphasis on sports, neglecting other programs at times. The school is understaffed and teacher attendance is abysmal. Many teachers do not actually teach while there are others with presidential teaching awards. While there is more strong points in the school, you are only as strong as your weakest link.
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