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Chula Vista Elementary School District Reviews

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I love how prepared we are for college and the wide range of opportunities offered on and off campus. I wish we had more counselors so they would be more available for students.
The board is not very productive in organizing and preparation for events such as field trips but academically and the selection of staff/ teachers on campus is excellent.
The school system is very well structured requiring you to take many classes; however there hardly is any option when it comes to classes, the schools are short on teachers and the campus is rather small. The school CVLCC has a deficit and is missing a lot of money, but is very well established with significant preparation for college
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As an attendee at Bayfront Charter High School the sister school to Mueller Charter we have been placed in the Chula vista Elementary School District. My experiences within the Chula Vista Elementary School District has been phenomenal. Although Bayfront is a high school within an elementary school district, board members of the Chula Vista Elementary School District assist our school by accommodating our needs. However, I would like to see the school lunch program to change. The lunch program provided at our school is under the free- reduced lunch program, but the meals provided aren't sufficient in good fuels to sustain our learning throughout the day.
I have been a part of the Chula Vista Elementary School District for most of my school life. I believe that the schools within this district have been helpful, clean, and the teachers at these schools have been kind and caring of their students. However, I believe that one thing that could truly improve is the school environment because we as students tend to sit in classes and focus on the core subjects but none of those core subjects are in the creative field. I feel as though if there was more creativity in the class much like there is in the "real world" then school for future students at this district will be better.
Great school, lots of teacher support. Every teacher cares about each individual student and wants to see them succeed in their life goals. One thing is food does need an upgrade.
At Chula Vista high school I had a pleasent time at a student. The best part of Chula Vista is the students and teacher because you will find people who have the same mind sense and humor at chula . You will not be a lonely at all when you find your group of people . The only things that need fixing up to do is the ASB and lunch food
This is an amazing school district that really cares about the students education and future. The teachers go above and beyond to teach and care for the students.
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