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I went to Brader for elementary school and enjoyed it very much. Everyone was so nice and I loved all my teachers. This review mainly reflects Gauger middle school. I still have connections there and hear many terrible things that the students are doing. the administration is trying to control it but the students are so bad.
I like how the teachers are able to prepare the students and how we are encouraged to pursue college.
I would love to see a more diverse population in all of the schools, as well as more community programs available to kids after school or on weekends.
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I like that the teachers do care about the students education and their futures. The teachers strive to work hard with the students and parents
A school fillied with students from all over. Sports aren’t the best but if you meet the right people , it can get pretty fun
All schools that I have attended in Christina School District up until high school have been quite up to par. There was a good balance with everything from academics to staff to extracurricular activities. When I got to high school however, I began to notice the downside of this district. I thought I chose the best high school in the Christina School District but in reality it was much similar to the rest. I will say, though, the sports, academics, and the district as a whole are amongst the best in the state. If one were to ask, I would highly recommend any of the Christina School District elemantary or middle schools.
The Christina School District isn’t a terrible district. I had some really great opportunities given to me by coming to this district. However, the district cares too much about themselves which is why the district referendum failed so many times. Parents and students no longer trust this district and it’s really effecting schools as we have lost many teachers and classes.
Hello! I am an 8th grade student attending an elementary school in the Christiana School District.
All the teachers at my school are so caring, compassionate, fun, stern and funn. They also willing to help you with any problem you may have. The school principal is the BEST! This principal doesn’t allow bullying at our school. All the teachers school work hard to make sure you are successful. Some of the teachers have given me pep talks when I had off days. One of my teachers gave me opportunities to work on special projects to boost my self confidence. My confidence has improved so much!
I am happy being at school.
I will be attending high school next fall. I want to thank all the wonderful teachers at Holy Angels school for helping and encouraging me to be brave and to have confidence in myself. Thank you, Mrs Sinvely and Mrs. MatSanka you are both my heros and I’ll never forgot you! You both deserve awards for teacher and principal of the century!
Overall I had an okay time in this district. Met a lot of teachers that cared about me excelling and teachers that pushed me beyond my limits. I think the math program should change back to algebra and trigonometry.
The Christian School Dristrict has some great, caring teachers. The district is diverse and and supportive in helping students excel.
Christina school district is a very caring the teachers are very nice to the students, the student's safety is always very important to them , sports are also important they give us the opportunity to earn our right to play them. In my opinion i would not want anything to change about the Christina District.
I've been in this district ever since I started attending school. There's not really anything out of the ordinary about it.
The thing I like about Christina School District is the fact that some, not all, but some teachers actually care about the students and want them to succeed to their fullest potential. The main thing I would change about Christina School District is the academics and College readiness. I feel as though that my school did not prepare for college and the academics are so easy that you don't even have to attend and you'll still pass. The classes are too easy they'll just pass out a couple worksheets that can be done in fifteen minutes. I believe if the district started to teach all the classes as if they were AP classes I would have been more prepared for college. I feel as though this district's work is "dummy" work because of the fact that it's so easy compared to college work, I'm scared that I will get to college and end up failing due to me not being ready for their crucial work and grading scales.
Teachers helped to motivate students in this difficult area but not enough programs to engage youth in college bound professions
The opportunities present at the school for aspiring students was very limited as the majority of the attention and energy was exerted on the troublemaking students. However, some teachers, such as my fifth grade teacher Mrs. Dannaway, genuinely cared for their focused students and helped them maximize their potentials, despite the rowdy environment.
A student at Christina School, been through 3 different schools within the district. Fantastic teachers, making the best out of what they have. The students are from all over, but are not the nicest.
ive been in the christina school district since 1st grade and i now am a rising senior. the teachers are kind hearted and willing to work with students if they ask for help. the administration isnt always the most helpful to concerned parents but some make an effort to help more than other.
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I like the christina school district it has goof schools and teachers especially glasgow high school. Teachers go out of their way to help students learn. And I'm so glad I attended glasgow high school because they showed that I can do better than I think. Also made me want to help other.
Christina School District has a variety of Elementary, Middle and High Schools. It provides the greatest education that it is able to.
Not great, not awful. Fights were a large issue at my high school, but I made it out unscathed. Even in AP and Honors courses I don't believe it truly contributed to my "college readiness."
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