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Chowchilla Union High School District Reviews

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I liked how I had my friends at my side to help me when times were tough and enjoy the activities CUHS had to offer together.
One thing I would like to see change would be some of the teachers putting together a better curriculum to help us students better understand the subjects we’re being taught.
Chowchilla Union High School District, was overall a very average experience. From the school it self to the people attending the school. Being the only high school in Chowchilla students don't have much of a choice but to got to the school. The school has good and bad things about that, for example the school is adding more for the students. On the other hand some off the staff is not treating every student equal.
Chowchilla is a good high school. However, my sophomore and junior year we had multiple lockdowns and got evacuated one time. Students also set two fires in the boys bathroom.
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I think the high school would be better if they have more clubs and more class options. When I went to school the class choose were very limited. The school is now growing and making more classes for kids to chooses. Overall chowchilla union high school is a decent School for a kid to go too. I hope this review helped.
Chowchilla Union High School District has prepared me for the next chapter of my life like no other school could have. Given that this school is small and in a small community it was really easy to build relationships with staff and students making my high school career a lot easier. I have never felt more prepared for anything in my life thanks to this high school.
I attended CUHS for four years, and looking back, I can truthfully answer that I enjoyed my time here. Although the academics were not as challenging compared to other schools, the staff here at CUHS was always ready to help when the students were in need. There was always someone you can go to for help, whether it be academically or socially. Something I would like to see change is our school culture. Being apart of Associated Student Body for two years, I was able to participate in all the activities that contribute to making a positive school culture. We, as an ASB team, have been making big attempts to stay up to date with the trends, within reason, to apply that to different activities in rally's and lunch time fun. I hope, to see in the future, a closer school, student body wise, for more of our students to come together and be filled with more spirit.
I like the short population and the one-on-one experience you get with your teachers. What I would like to see change includes broadening horizons and changing with society at a quicker pace.
Chowchilla Union High School is very friendly and open-minded on it's campus. It is very "school-spirited", fun, and busy everyday. The administration are constantly planning events for the students to relax and enjoy school, as much as they are expected to learn their academics. Academics and sports is very treasured on campus. The administration is very close to their students, and have close and easy relationships, leading to easy teaching and easy fun.
At CUHS, there is a very diverse community of students who come from a wide range of backgrounds. The only issue with the school itself is that the teachers must encourage their students to be more academically motivated.
I had pretty much a good experience at Chowchilla Union High School. There are very few students at this school so it makes it easier to meet and get to know everyone. Even though Chowchilla Union High School lacks clubs and activities, they still try to provide us which the best they can. They recently created a Multicultural club that celebrates all kinds of cultures which something I find fond with this school. The teachers at this school teach you about life and guide you to success. I recommend this school, it will give you good memories.
I attended Chowchilla Union High School for two years. I graduated in 2017 and it was an amazing experience studying at Chowchilla school. Although, a few of the courses were not offered there, the overall experience was nice.
I like the administration. They have very high hopes for the students education and hold high standards.
Being a senior I have attended to Chowchilla Union high school for all four academic years. My experience in the high school overall has been fairly good, it is a small population school which I enjoyed, you know almost everyone in the school and it is always nice to know who is around you. The staff is very good as well, I have to thank various teacher for all the help and guidance they have given me.
I thought that most of the department's did a pretty good job. The Agriculture department is pretty good as well as the math department and the history department. The AP classes are very well designed. I have been taking AP Euro this year and the class is great and I've heard great things about AP Lang from my relatives who are Juniors. The Sports are good, the campus is clean, and the teachers are helpful. Clubs are cool and the FFA Program is good.
This school has so many memories. From first coming to the high school as a redskin, and leaving as a member of the Tribe. This school is so dear to my heart and I cannot thank the school enough for my education, the activities and clubs I was in, and memories I made here, at Chowchilla Union High School District
Small town school for students living in the city and for country living students. There is an obvious tell on who's from a farming family to a small town living student. Overall diverse school with its normal ups and downs of attending high school.
It was a great school, a small population so it was easy to interact with faculty. It is growing exponentially in the tech department, and the sports are very serious!
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I enjoyed my experience at Chowchilla Union High School, but the education offered definitely has room for improvement. For example, there are no anatomy or physiology courses, and the only trade classes that are offered are agriculture-based. The school places much emphasis on Advanced Placement courses while allowing many other "regular" courses to suffer. There are myriad courses that need to be offered to allow students who are not college bound the vital skills necessary to make a living in the 21st century. Additionally, the counselors are not helpful at all and are vindictive to students who question their decisions.
I like how admin could always talk to you and help you more. I feel like our school could get better by making more days where we can work on taps more.
This is very good high school teacher love getting kids involved. The have so opportunists for the student but no as big ones as other schools do.
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