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Chowchilla Union High School District Reviews

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I'm a freshman in Chowchilla Union High School. The schools is really great although I haven't gone in it personally. The teachers are really nice (at least the ones that I have) and every class is easy to understand. The staff is very helpful and the lunches are kinda meh but I could still eat it. I hope I get to see the school personally and be able to experience my high school life at its fullest. Aside from the teachers being nice all of their leassons are very understandable and easy to do. I have no problem regarding how the schools operates. The school always makes sure all of th community is informed about everything that is going on at the school. Whenever I have a question the staff is very helpful and bring really good responses. The school prioritizes the students well being above all in this difficult time. It's been easy to deal with any issue that presents itself. The learning experience is really stady and very understandable so I don't get that much headaches from it.
What I liked about Chowchilla union high school is that it does have a variety of electives and AP classes that are really interesting and challenging.
This school is full of racists people. They let students bring trump flags and those students had protection for cops while they were threatening the Hispanic students. They were saying vulgar stuff to them. Nothing was done!
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What I would like to see change is the way they handle situations with student. It’s a racist environment and I feel like they can do way better to educate the students in diversity.
chowchilla union high school has a lot of diversity which is a great things. however a few of the teachers aren't the greatest/don't always treat their students equally. some events can be fun and while hey try to make our high school experience great they don't always succeed
The rules were always changing from year to year and it was hard to keep up. Not all staff follows policies
Very nice school, kept very nice and clean. Some teachers care about your future some don't. For a small school we are very competitive with sports and have won a few section titles. The student life is very friendly, everyone gets along with each other
some of the teachers are awesome. the staff is excellent. they make learning fun and go out of their way to make the students feel safe and important
I feel like the vibe of the school could be better. I think the students attending need to respect the school more and the grounds.
I have had a great time here at Chowchilla High. As a vision impaired student the school had been perfect for me. They have a wide variety of sports and music at the school.
attending Chowchilla union high school is a great experience since the schools campus is pretty nice. Moreover is the environment not very huge. This makes the student get closer and everyone knows each other. The teachers have a close relationship to the student and you can talk to almost every student about issues or academics.
I like Chowchilla Union High school because it´s a small environment but I wish we had more clubs and more class opportunities like visual arts
My experience at Chowchilla Union High School is good I am an athlete and have played 3 sports all year round. We have been very successful with our athletics as well. The Academics part is okay too the teachers want us to learn and understand what is being taught. Overall Chowchilla Union High School is a good school and makes us college ready.
I am a new administrator at CUHS. The school is one that beams with pride, integrity and expertise. Do not let the rural environment fool you. Students have access to technological, academic, athletic and creative options taught and coached by expert and passionate instructors. Many students take AP classes and do well on their exams. Students who do not take APs do well on whatever the assessments are in their areas of focus. For example, our Speech and Debate Team sweeps almost every tournament in which they participate. Our Agriculture students typically earn top three awards in each category at the local and distant Fairs. Come visit and see why I am proud to be part of the Chowchilla Union High School Tribe.
Chowchilla High was a very good school. When attending chowchilla high you get to make real relationships with your teachers and faculties. The staff at chowchilla high is all about the students. They want the very best for all students whether it would be sports, clubs or just regular students. The community is highly involved with the school and all the clubs and sports. I enjoyed my 4 years at chowchilla high.
I like how many wonderful opportunities there are at Chowchilla Union High School. I am always excited to see the new things they implement in the classrooms as well as with the students. I believe the school is nice already, but some things they could change is make publics displays of affection more strict, because a lot of students are showing there affection and should be focusing on their school work.
In my experience at Chowchilla Union High School, I have witnessed many things that truly disgust me. The lack of authority, teachers, and the lack of safety on this campus is very "awesome". In terms of the academics more than 75% of us are not even close to being ready for college what so ever. For clubs and activities, they are lacking funds, diversity among them, and are downright boring. The safety on the campus is truly the thing that will forever blow my mind. Administration is blind to the fact that the kids who they are Buddy buddy with are the ones who are selling drugs behind their back. They bust kids for selling drugs when their are the bigger handlers up top that they do not do anything about. To talk about school food, in all honest what is there to say. Every week we have the same routine, soggy hamburgers, mini hot dogs, bosco sticks, and dry and depressing things for breakfast. The cycle of the same thing will never end. Admin turns a blind eye to everything.
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The school needs to work on the science pathways, however this school does have an AVID program. The school is continuing to expand, so future plans for this would also be essential.
I did not have the best experience at my high school. The things that I did enjoy about it was the classes I decide to attend. Some of the teachers are nice and helpful, I have created bonds with a few of the teachers that teach in my high school. The reason I did not have such a great experience with high school is mainly because I felt like I did not fit in with the rest of the other students. I always found myself in the back and not included, high school just wasn't it for me. Although, academically it was great and I learned many useful tools and mechanism that will help me in the future reference.
What I like is the promotions of success her at this school the link and ASB clubs are doing amazing planning events that include rally’s and dances, this school is very inclusive and likes to help out the community by giving us a TAP program that requires us to complete 60 hours of community service
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