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Choctaw-Nicoma Park Public Schools Reviews

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I loved the way our students bonded with our teachers. I thought the administration could do a better job at handling certain situations.
Better teachers who want to teach, and also a better administration department. I wish that they were more involved in wanting us to learn and giving us the means to do so. I have had several bad experiences with teachers and faculty, and I’m a excellent student with a 4.0.
I love how involved and caring my teachers have always been, but the upkeep of the buildings and maintenance could inprove.
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I play football and basketball, the coaches are very supportive and they make sure we are taking care of our academics. The coaches treat the team like family and make sure that we are student-athletes. I would like to see a little more diversity in the student body, as well as, the faculty.
Ever since i was little i have moved around a lot. This is the first school i’ve grown up with for this long. I have gone to Choctaw schools since sixth grade, and i am now a senior. I genuinely say i have a lot of pride in my school. We have good sports, education, and fine arts program. I personally was in the Fine arts program and we won our one act competition, individual events tournaments, and our musicals are outstanding. The program takes theatre seriously and put in amazing performances. My school district also gave us a Performing Arts Center to perform in which makes the experience that much better. I can truest say i have enjoyed my middle school-high school years and will always have Choctaw pride.
I absolutely love all of my teachers, the vice principal is very understanding in any situation, and much effort is given to each student.
I liked some of the teachers and how they taught, I wish that there was more discipline because there are so many fights
It is an okay school. if you want your kid to go to a school where they get an okay education and may get pregnant than Choctaw is the place to be! goooo yellow jackets.
Choctaw schools are great! Oklahoma as a state needs more funding in general, but as a whole I’ve been more than pleased with Choctaw schools.
Choctaw is a fun place and I love the faculty and student life. The students are so involved and it’s a great place be be involve at. The campus is always decently clean and I enjoy coming to school.
I have gone to Choctaw Nicoma Park Public Schools my entire life. The overall experience has been a memorable one. Not all them are good, but a good majority are. Through my life I will carry these experiences, because they are the one that have shaped me. I will be sad to leave CNP Schools once I go over to college. I would give this school an overall rating of four. Some of the teachers I have dealt and the classes I have had to take haven't been my favorite. Overall, though, it has been a very good experience.
Choctaw is a place where students can feel welcomed. The teachers and staff do a great job at what they do. The only think that I feel like should change, is the amount that teachers and staff get paid, because they work so hard to do their jobs and only get a little salary.
The school doesn't care about it's students. They do what they need to do to avoid being in trouble. Treating the students like inmates is more of a priority
I like how all the teachers really care for us. We at Choctaw are really luck to have a strong adult leadership and student council. The teachers meet once a week and talk about how they can help make the school better
Wish they focused on the arts, there are some very talented musicians, singers, and actors at this school.
I have loved my experience at choctaw high school. We have tons of opportunities to get involved in stuff and we have a block schedule which is really nice. I have become more involved in National Honor Society and in student council I absolutely love it. I would recommend going here!!!
The teachers truly care about students and the students success. Each day as a student I witnessed teachers going above and beyond to give students skills needed to be college and career ready. Teachers were available daily before and after classes to provide extra help. CHAT classes were held where we each had an advisory teacher who had expertise in our area of interest. This class was held in a periodic meeting format. We could discuss future goals, enrollment, and upcoming events. The other opportunity that we had available was to participate in our technology center or be concurrently enrolled at a local college. This gave each student the opportunity to pursue areas of interest.
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The teachers were awesome! All of the teachers I had were very passionate about teaching and engaging.
I like the student environment. I love how involved everyone is in sports and academics. I would like to see the funding of our school change. I would like if we got new text books and new computers.
The overall feel and staff in this entire district lack spirit and uplifting community I believe a school needs. Don't get me wrong there are great people trying their best here, but they are few and far between. No one in this district has had a positive influence on my life or encouraged me to be my true self. The politics are a mess and I would suggest not getting involved with the bureaucracy here.
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