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As an alumni, and now the parent of students, I cannot say enough about the quality of the teachers and the overall education that one receives here. The feeling of “community” is so prevalent and I love the small classes and that the teachers truly know and care about their students.
Chittenango school is all over the place. for the most part the teachers and faculty are amazing and super helpful, however there are some teachers who prefer to watch movies and play games than actually teach there students.
My time at Chittenango Central School District was overall very well. I personally played 3 sports and enjoyed them a ton. The teachers and staff there was absolutely excellent. They helped the students out and gave them multiple resources. Throughout my experience I did not enjoy that throughout the school there was not a ton of diversity. Also the sports overall were average and I would have really enjoyed them being above average.
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it was an awesome high school, middle school had poor teachers for the disabled and the schools were very safe and predominately a white school I would recommend Chittenango to all my friends and family...elementary school offered little to no special education...the IEP diploma wasn't worth the paper it was written on
The classrooms are great, teachers are involved with the students but the only thing I would change would be the food and the way the school handles problems.
I loved the teachers and how open they were to help each individual student. Although the food wasn't the greatest the teachers made up for it. There was not too much of a homework load but when there was homework it was evenly dispersed and not all at one time. Each and every student usually had one or two teachers they could look up to and they were open to asking them for advice. There were always the teachers that would help you through the tricky homework assignments when you din't understand what you were doing. Without Chittenango Highschool I would not have learned the study habits that have gotten me through college so far.
There are a handful of very involved teachers. I found that if I could become very involved in the clubs and activities I was interested in. The guidance administration was lacking. I found that I was not as well supported in the college application process as I needed.
This district is wonderful. The teachers are all very passionate about giving us the best education and everyone is also kind. I enjoy the constant motivation to do great things from all of the people within the district. They are great at what they do.
Chittenango is a good SMALL high school to go to. Many different types of people go here, which is nice but sometimes a little weird. Most teachers are very relatable and reliable for any personal or academic needs. Overall, it is a nice place to go to school.
There are many things I liked about my high school. The teachers were outstandingly wonderful in making sure I, and others, made it to graduation and pushed us to better ourselves and our potential. I would like to see the ability for students to reach out and take BOCES classes as part of the criteria. It'd be a great learning experience.
Many of the teachers were tough on you to get you ready for college. My favorite teacher was extremely hard on kids to do their homework to make sure they were ready for college. The teachers there care a lot about their students.
At Chittenango High School, Academics are above average! However, the Sports Administrators at this school allow Outside Sports Clubs as well as specific groups of parents influence how to run the sports department. They pick and choose specific children that they want to support and develop while leaving most others behind. The Athletic department is more interested in winning and looking good to other schools rather than developing skills, encouraging a teamwork atmosphere and creating memories for our children. We have many children at Chittenango High School with excellent grades, sports talent and great attitudes that go unnoticed simply because they're parents are not part of the "social group" that seems to truly run these programs. It's truly a shame that although many children and parents feel this way, they never seem to express their opinions for fear of being ostracized.
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