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Chippewa Local School District Reviews

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The memorable thing about Chippewa was the teacher influence. Most if not all were always willing to go above and beyond to help any of the students.
It seems like a popularity contest when it comes to kids playing sports and parts for musicals. You have some amazing teachers, then you have some that need a new outlook on life or job where they are not dealing with children.
I really liked how small the high school was. I felt like in a way it forced me out of my comfort zone so I could make new friends. Everyone there is really friendly and its a close knit group
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Chippewa is an awesome small town school district. The class sizes are small lending to a more one on one approach. Yet still providing a wide variety of clubs and activities that appeal to all. The teachers and administration make sure the students have the tools they need to succeed. The parents are given the opportunity to be involved and every action is taken to foster the parent/student/teacher relationship. The schools provide a safe, secure environment for the children to grow and learn. I will be graduating with many fond memories of my childhood school days.
There are a lot of really good teachers who you can tell really care about how you are doing and want you to succeed. The school is liimited by the technology available but hopefully that will change with the new building next year.
Great school! I transferred to Chippewa High School my sophomore year and the teachers have challenged my thinking and helped to prepare me for college. The students are friendly and the school has a welcoming atmosphere.
Chippewa is a small school with teachers who focus on college preparation. You can take a number of college credit pus classes as well as AP. The guidance is willing to help you if you ever need anything like schedule changes, ACT information, or someone to talk to.
I liked the art programs Chippewa has to offer. I also liked the helpful staff and the way teachers drop everything to help you. One area I dislike about this school is how sports rule over everything. I think Chippewa should focus more on band and art too!
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