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Chippewa Hills School District is a school full of spirit and pride. The halls were always filled with smiles when I attended. The teachers acted like your friend rather than someone who was just there to teach the material in class. Although they always did a great job at explaining the material. Most students think of school as being miserable, but Chippewa Hills did the best they could to diminish that standard. If I could change some things about the school it would be the school lunches and the office environment. It would be great if the school gave students a larger variety of food during lunch time. Also, the office could have a friendlier environment. When I walked into the office and talked at the front desk I didn’t have the same genuine feel as I did with the teachers in the halls. However, I would never change my experience at Chippewa Hills School District. I’ve made many life memories, good and bad, inside those school grounds.
Chippewa Hills School District takes their athletics and academics really seriously. If there is a problem throughout the district, administration makes sure it is addressed and dealt with. I love all of the extracurricular activities that are offered as well as the diverse academic courses.
I had some amazing teachers and some that shouldn't have been allowed to teach. However, with that being said I enjoyed my time at Chippewa Hills for the most part. I was a very involved student that participated in many extra curricular on top of being a student-athlete. I found that Chippewa Hills didn't challenge me in the way that high school should. When I got to college, I felt more prepared, but only because of my dual-enrollment credits.
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I think the whole school needs a rework from the ground up, I was there and just the general atmosphere was bland. The school didnt do much to get students ready for college except constantly tell them they need to get ready for college. I feel as if more funding could potentially fix this issue because the school itself is abit lacking on that area.
It's ok. They do good with vocational training and education. The education is overall average. They do offer sports and some clubs.
I like the different courses that they offer. I got a chance to experience Welding, Wood Tech, Small Engines, Video, Photography, Basic Computers,Band. I also took classes in Biology, Chemistry, AP Bio, AP Lit & Comp, Animal Science, Forensic Science, French I & II, Spanish I, Algebra I, II, Calculus, Geometry and Weight lifting, Drama Club, etc. The school offers a lot of sports and I took Football and Baseball. I've been to three schools and out of all the schools that I went to this one was a great fit for me.
I enjoyed Chippewa Hills. I never had issues, but I did see a lot of bullying going on and administration wouldn't do anything about it. The food is absolutely horrible too.
Chippewa Hills High School is a pretty good school to go to if you want to be in a smaller and rural school district. There are good people here that can make your high school experience a good one. There are some draw backs of going here though. If you want a school with a lot of people and a lot of diversity then don't go here. Also if you want a variety of sports, don't go here. The sports we do have have a good reputation. Overall Chippewa Hills is a good school if it fits your needs.
Chippewa Hills is overall a good school. Sometimes they put too much money into sports instead of education.
I've been going to Chip Hills my whole life. My school is better than most, and we have high test scores. The people at Chip Hills aren't that bad. I mean of course there are mean students. The councilors are nice and help a lot too.
The school all together is a nice place but some priorities are not set straight.The school has put in place many safety measurements to make the school a better place but has not updated things like books in the library or computer programs. They are headed in the right direction for improvements but i feel they are just not there yet. The athletic facilities are all kept up and maintained well but the locker rooms and rest rooms are not always clean. The teaching staff is great but the classes are not kept at the right sizes. There are classes with thirty three students in them and the computer labs only have twenty eight computers making it hard to utilize technology.
I transferred to Chippewa Hills halfway through my freshman year. I didn't know anybody and was alone. My first day at lunch, I walked into the spacious, roaring cafeteria intimidated by it all. A girls voice caught my attention, "Hey! you can sit with us!". Never had witnessed something like this in any of my other schools. It filled me with joy, to have others accept me for me.
This kindness is apparent throughout the student body as well as staff. Lucky would be my word to describe my attending. It's superior in every way to the other schools in the district I attended. If anybody in the area ever asks me which school to send their kids, Chippewa Hills will have my recommendation.
I like that it offers a lot more academic choices like forensic science, French, AP Courses, etc., than other schools in my area. I like most of my teachers. It offers the different sports like baseball, basketball, football, wrestling, track and field, golf, cross-county
I love everything about Chippewa Hills. They have very good teachers that help with everything when you ask. If you don't understand a topic and you ask for help they won't move onto a new topic without you fully understanding it. The classes are always fun with the teachers. They are very helpful. The sports are fantastic, I play softball and I love all of the girls and coaches. They help us strive to be the best we can be. They help us when we ask for help and when we don't understand what to do. Chippewa Hills has a very big community since we come from 4 towns and we all come together and do all sorts of activities. When we get to the highschool all 4 towns come together so everyone knows everybody.
The staff was very nice and the academics were great. The facility is newly renovated with a new football field, track, and drinking fountains.
This school district is one of the best around. They are kind and understanding. I have experienced this first hand because I moved here and they welcomed me with open arms.
It's a typical, small town high school. When I was there I really appreciated the sports and somewhat of a variety of classes to choose from. I think things have changed now and many of the electives that I had are gone though. Most teachers are fairly laid back, unless you're disruptive of course. It is pretty average. Nothing spectacular.
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Chippewa Hills is best described as normal, under-funded, but eventful. Our sporting events are some of the best in the state because of our student sections. Our teachers are always available to help students before and after school to see student fulfillment. But the location is remote and doesnt offer much for life or opportunity, but no community is as friendly and eventful as ours.
I have attended Chippewa Hills school district as long as I can remember. I love the staff that works for Chippewa Hills they are always so polite and willing to help in any way they can. You get the class that you need on time and very efficiently. The extra curricular activities are fantastic our school is mostly focused on football. but the FFA is fantastic I have been in FFA for four years now and I don't regret it one bit.Something's that I would like to change about the school would be the school lunches a lot of us kids at this school don't eat because its either gross or you don't get enough portions of things.But my over experience is fantastic.
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