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Chippewa Falls Area Unified School District Reviews

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The Chippewa Falls Unified School District gives an average educational experience to its students. The large population of students has resulted in many students slipping between the cracks. The teachers try their best to help, but the teacher to student ratio isn’t the best. The middle school and high school buildings are not equipped for the populations within them. Most teachers are passionate about their classes which is great for the students.
The school building is kept clean, the teachers are nice and helpful, the only problem I had was that my kids have been going their for 4 years and still can't read, I mean what have they be teaching them in all that time?
I would like to see a change in the way that students treat eachother. They students are always dragging on eachother and putting eachother down. This would make attending school a lot more fun.
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This is an amazing school district. They do everything in their power to keep students safe. From school shooters and bullying to drugs. There's always someone available to talk to when needed and all of the teachers strive to get their students ready for the outside world. I am so very grateful I got to go the schools in the chippewa falls school district.
The Chippewa Falls School district has great staff and provides a great education to their students.
My experience was great, the teachers were super helpful and caring about the students. The classes weren't always challenging but when they were every teacher was willing to help students.
Being a transgender student at the middle school was fairly easy. who knows what high school holds for me, but I have a great feeling about it.
CFS District contracts school busses through Yellow Bus Company. This company employs school bus drivers who have many OWI convictions and drug and domestic abuse disorderly conduct conviction to drive school busses to transport children in the district. Parents have talked to district office transportation director and superintendent who don't care and keep convicted bus drivers driving school busses.
I have been with the Chippewa Falls Area Unified School District for nine years. Over those nine years I have been involved with many clubs and sports teams; but something more important to me is the academics. Throughout my years I have been offered help and support from all of my academic teachers. It's very clear that my success is important to the staff in this district and it's obvious that they're trying to help me reach my fullest academic and athletic potential.
Overall the school was a fairly decent education. But that past few years the school is becoming extremely divided. The "normal" classes and "AP" classes are complete polar opposites from each other. Doing well in English and being in an AP English class we were able to engage in professional and sophisticated debates. But not doing well in math and being in "normal" math classes the lectures are very chaotic. The teacher who do care need to find a happy medium.
Chippewa Falls High School is an excellent school with high quality teachers, advance placement classes, an extraordinary team of administrators, strong sports programs and a supportive community. Cultural diversity is limited due to the location of Chippewa Falls within the United States.
There are many great teachers, and amazing ways to be involved. There are a variety of different activities to choose from, and a lot of different people too. I feel that the academics are fine overall, but there are some improvements to be made. Curriculum doesn't always match up for the same class, but a different teacher. Most of the teachers are willing to help, but a couple are not the best at teaching, or go on personal political rants. I think the majority of students will feel accepted, and will be helped if they are really willing to put in the effort with their school work.
This school is a great school. When I was so very sick and in the ICU and at a time they didn't know if i would pull through the head principle came and sat with me for a little while, Held my hand and talk with me. All the while I was intubated and unconscious. Once I was back at school and was so behind the teachers and staff were all there helping me chug along and stay on tract for graduation. Overall, I would never have wanted to go to another high school then Chi-Hi!! Go Cards!!!
I absolutely love the Chippewa Falls School District. I grew up going to Chippewa Schools and I haven't had a problem, other than bullying. That's one thing that needs to be changed, how? I don't know, but something needs to be done.
It's a nice school that is starting to get too crowded that failed to pass the referendum. Yet we still have a very nice athletic program that I am well involved in, enough types of courses to keep everything we do individually personalized to each student, and a very friendly environment. Chippewa Falls is a perfect place to grow up and have the experience of a small town, yet living next to a bigger city right next to us.
I love my school, I wouldn't want to go anywhere else. Most of the teachers care about you and want you to succeed. Only negative is that it's hard to get a tutor, also it's very chilly in the school.
I loved the teachers and their interactions with the students. The facility was also well kept. The music program is also very strong.
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