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China Spring Independent School District Reviews

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China spring was a learning experience for me. It was a time in my life were I made a ton of mistakes but learned from them. If it wasn't for the great role models I had at China spring from teachers to coaches, I wouldn't even be in college and I'm greatful for that.
I feel this school could work to include more interest groups. For instance, a technical-type class for "motorheads" might engage more students who are not interested in the traditional curriculum or clubs.
The faculty and staff at this district are incredible! Although competitive, many of the students are extremely successful and are very well prepared for college.
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Overall, attending China Spring High School for four years was a great experience. The teachers care about each child's future and education. Our school board is wonderful and does as much as they can for the students. Our academic teams compete to the highest honors and our athletic teams win year after year.
I have gone to school here since I was in kindergarten and I have loved it. The teachers and administration have been amazing. They are very helpful with my education goals. The only thing I think they need to work on is college readiness. We have one counselor who helps but it's her first yer so I don't think it's well coordinated yet.
China Spring is a growing 4A district with lots of opportunities for students. Very family oriented.
I have 3 kids of different ranges of educational need. My oldest son is really smart and thrives at the high school. He is also involved in sports which the school offers really good programs for the kids. I am not satisfied with the choices of foreign language offered though.

My other son has some learning disabilities. The school now implements an inclusion program to better help these kids accept now the special teacher doesn't just help the students with special needs they help all the students and the students which in my opinion has drastically reduced what my son is learning. I feel like they are passing him just to pass him, but he isn't actually learning the stuff.
The China Spring school district is a very well organized district. it has one main goal and that is to take care of the students and offer and give every student a great education. although it can be a lot of politics throughout the levels of education, but overall the academics are amazing. The teachers are spectacular and are focused on you and your education. The China Spring Independent school district has a great varieties of clubs and activities as well as sports programs.
I attended China Spring I.S.D. from kindergarten through 12th grade. The teachers at China Spring are excellent and the administrative staff do their jobs well. The school district is well known for its academics and its athletics. I befriended many of my teachers throughout high school and felt like I fit in just fine at school. I was a part of the band starting in 6th grade and loved it for the rest of school. My freshman year of high school I went to the state marching contest at the Alamodome as part of the marching band. My senior year, I marched in London for the New Years parade because of the band. Overall I really enjoyed my experience at China Spring.
China Spring is your average public high school. It has nothing out of the ordinary, the teachers are paid less than they should be, and therefore do not perform as best they should. However, I feel as though I am prepared for college, because of how many responsibilities I have with five AP classes, two sports, and being president and officer of many organizations. China Spring hosts an environment that allows the student to be prepared for college; however, it does not do a satisfactory job of encouraging and pushing students towards college preparedness if they do not know how themselves.
I loved the community bond at this school. However, football is the number one priority and the administrators tend to neglect other clubs
I like the size of the school and the newness of most of the buildings. I enjoyed the staff and teacher who work diligently to make sure the school functions well and to ensure the safety of the students; I especially liked the bonds that I made with some of those teachers. While the dress code is decently strict it is still understandable, though the hair code makes less sense in the modern time period we live in. The diversity is vary little, most students and teachers are white though there are exceptions. For the size of the district there are a limited number of extracurricular activities outside of sports.
Overall China Spring High School is a great School District. Most of the student have respect for the teachers and exemplary manners. Bettering education is important in the school district and you can easily see that in their attitude in learning.
The football games make this school what it is. A real close nit community that respects its school district. The school is great in academics, sports, and caring for each student individually.
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