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For a small school, Chilton has amazing opportunities for its students. However, there are social issues throughout the district that need to be addressed, such as drugs and bullying.
I've been in Chilton School District since the day I was eligible to enter that school system. Overall, we have so much to offer with clubs, organizations, and programs. Not to mention out exceptional drama, music, program we have incorporated in K-12 grade levels. Chilton School District gives expecting parents or parents moving to this area a reason or purpose to put their children though this school system
The Chilton School District truly cares about its students and faculty. I attended as a student since I was in Kindergarten, and I could not imagine myself growing up in any other school system. The district offers the small town, community-based education necessary for students to thrive. Additionally, they use up-to-date technology and teaching strategies.
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I loved that even though Chilton is a small community, Chilton School District has a lot to offer. Whether it's competitive sports teams or extracurricular clubs. There is something for everyone in Chilton.
I have really enjoyed Chilton's supportive staff. I feel like I can talk to many of them about anything or go to them for help. However, I am not so much a fan of the student body. I have friends, of course, but the people are generally very close-minded to people who are not like them. I've heard racist remarks, which as long as you tell a staff member, get dealt with, but does not seem to impact the issue much. I'm not in sports, but I am in clubs. There aren't a ton of clubs and two were dropped in the past few years due to no one wanting to be in charge, but generally I would say the clubs are good. The cafeteria food is what you would expect from a high school, minus mashed potato bowl day, where practically everyone is in line.
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