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Many of the teachers and administrators care about the students a lot. I have taken and passed many AP courses, so the teachers know what they are teaching. For the most part, if you do what you are supposed to, you will succeed here.
While a student at CHS I was very involved with the music program and it is a fantastic program. I was never bullied and everyone got along most of the time. There were almost never fights and the teachers seemed to really care about me. I wouldn’t change anything about my high school career.
Very happy with the education provided to students by Chillicothe City Schools. My children have flourished academically. I would like to see more security measures in each of the schools implemented.
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Chillicothe City Schools is a phenomenal school. There are so many different classes and clubs for people with many different interests. Free lunch, many different STEM related programs, and activities for everyone.
Chillicothe High School is a decently well sized school. There are tons of classes to take, and clubs or sports to be apart of. Teacher really make an effort to create a bond with you and make sure you know the information well. There are strict discipline policy. Some things that need changed is how inconsistent they are with disciplining different students. Also the smell is terrible in the school. The food isn't that great. The bathrooms are really spread out so when traveling to classes it's hard to stop at the bathroom on the way, and then you only have 3 bathroom passes per class per semester. Other then that Chillicothe is a great school
Chillicothe High School is overall a wonderful school, with the experience of Chromebooks, Hard working Teachers, and wonderful sports teams it's a great place to be and great to be a cavalier
Some teachers there were exceptional and really cared for their students. The post-secondary education and summer scholars program with OU-chillicothe really let me take charge of my education and along with AP courses, prepared me for college.
I love Chillicothe High School. They offer many honors and AP courses to be able to challenge yourself in school. They offer many different sports. We have free breakfast and lunch which is very nice because some kids cant afford that. Overall Chillicothe is the best high school in the county.
Chillicothe High School has a very diverse student base, with many different learning opportunities. The only downfall, in my opinion, is lack of space and locality of the school.
The teachers are engaging and supportive. The curriculum is challenging and has prepared me for college.
I enjoy Chillicothe High School because we are strong in a struggling community. We have programs to fight the ongoing drug epidemic within our town and we work hard in order to help members of our community in poverty. From being in a small town, we help one another and we are all connected in some way. Although our school isn't perfect, we are tough and that is what counts the most.
Chillicothe has prepared me to be college ready. The teachers care about your success. There are many clubs and activities to participate in. The sports teams are at the top of their game. Believe it or not our food is awesome.
Chillicothe High School offers more classes and extracurricular activities than any other school in the area. With its excellent staff and enthusiastic students who come to school each day eager to learn, Chillicothe High School truly does prepare students to be leaders, wherever life may take them.
Chillicothe City Schools is an extraordinary place to become educated. Despite the awful reputation in Chillicothe, OH this school is turning the community for the better with drug free programs, AP and honors classes, as well as an abundance of extracurricular. Every single teacher is dedicated and bring an energy to the classroom that most schools lack.
The one thing that I would change about the schooling system, is the math on the computers. Math on computers is extremely difficult, but overall the final math tests are on the computers. This is a prime example of how the district does its absolute best to ensure success because they know that the tests are online, and they use that knowledge to teach how to use the programs, as well as the math. Even if they solely taught the math, kids can do the math perfect, and still get the question wrong because they do not know how to use the program.
My experience at Chillicothe High School has been excellent. When I came into the school the staff and students made sure I was caught up and comfortable, allowing me to excell.
They are the only school that I've been to that seems to care more about academics than sports, and bring equal attention to the arts, taking pride in everything students achieve.
They have many helpful resources for their students, including the Cavalier Closet; a resource that you can go to discreetly for assistance. Through a grant they provide students with free breakfast and lunch, and have a Cafe where you can purchase beverages such as coffee and jucies, and food as well, all within a reasonable price.
The school is one of the schools in Keys To Success, a drug free program, and they had over four hundred students in it this year, I believe. They make sure you are prepared for every test and assessment, and offer a wide variety of classes.
This school has so many great opportunities that you wouldn't get at any other schools. The teachers really care and they make sure you know everything you need to know.
I really like the learning capabilities they have. If you need something they will accommodate to your learning abilities. The administrative are very helpful and want you to succeed. Chillicothe High school is a very good school to go to.
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My time at Chillicothe High School has, overall, been pleasant. I am involved in many clubs offered here, including Gay Straight Alliance, Key Club, Tri-M Honor Music Society and National Honor Society. The arts were underfunded and underappreciated. Contrary, the athletics had plenty of funds and support. The principle, Dr. Fisher, is a very open minded person.
Chillicothe City School District is the most prominent school district in Ross County, with its top-notch facilities and amazing staff and faculty. The variety of extra-curricular activities is well established. One thing that should improve is that the emphasis and encouragement on music and arts should grow a little more and have at least the amount of support equivalent to what it shows for athletics. Also, the district should budget its money better and not go all the way over the top for unneeded things by reducing the amount of levies that it has on the community.
What I like about CHS is all of the academic options. They offer a variety of Honors and AP classes. I also like that they have dedicated teachers that offer to help out students if they need it. What I don't like is the lack of respect from the students.
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