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Childress High School is a school where creativity is allowed and promoted. Kindness is always around the corner along with integrity and dignity. Childress High School provides motivation for students, teachers, and staff. When walking through the doors of Childress High, safety is guaranteed by our soft-hearted principal. The staff works hard to ensure the moment we walk through the front doors our freshman year to the last day of our senior year that we are prepared for college. Childress High School pushes you to be the best person in and out of school. If I were to change anything about Childress High School, it would be to expand the cafeteria and the main building. My wish would be for Childress High School to keep growing tremendously so more teens can attend Childress High and succeed throughout their life after leaving Childress High School.
There's not lots of fights and the teachers are fun but expect work to get done. The school is very understanding standing about scheduls and if it isn't a core class than most the time they can help u to fit in. The band program is amazing and has really gotten far from being 4 different teachers in 3 years to 2 teachers in 4 is a big difference
During my younger years in the small town of Childress, I can honestly say I enjoyed it. The teachers and administration were very supportive toward us students and faculty. I lived in Childress from grades K through 12. Growing up I knew nothing but the small town of Childress. My mother is currently a janitor for Childress Junior High, and she is coming up for retirement pretty soon. As I attended school, I was very well taken care of by the faculty and the community of Childress. Although the community is full of very nice and well spoken people, I felt that there were some things that could have been done differently. As an athlete in a small town high school, I believe there was too much emphasis put on the sports instead of education. I do not regret playing sports and being a part of a good athletic program, but I do wish I would have a bit more advising for college. I enjoyed my time and I wish well for my small town of Childress, Texas.
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The Childress Independent School District has been a great experience! I have been honored to be apart of the school program as well as a senior student. From sports to learning in classrooms to going to work everyday. It has been challenging these past couple years but with CISD's administration and staff, things have worked well for me. For example, helping me with college courses to showing us college readiness tips. From helping with my work schedules to school schedules. CISD's has been and still go out of their way to help each and every student. Hope CISD stays the way things are and keeps helping each individual to be a successful person in their later on life.
My time in the schools of the Childress Independent School District has made me into the person I am today. I have learned many lesson through out my life, which I would not have learned without the people I've interacted with in school. These people range from the friends I've made, the amazing teachers and staff, to the people within the Childress community.
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