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Attending school here had made me thankul for the little things in life. The water i drink, the food i have in my pantry and the people who surround me. My school isnt the best of the best but they do as much as they can with what they are given. Life doesnt just hands itself over and life isnt easy. Life is what you make of it and im grateful for everything ive gained from this school even if it wasnt "the best of the best"
I enjoyed playing sports at Chickasha schools but a lot has happened over the years that made me feel discouraged and worried. I feel rushed a lot of the time when it comes to learning and like the school overly focuses on getting grades in rather than if students are actually learning. After all that has happened I understand why teachers might feel uneasy when it comes to grading but I hate feeling that I am behind because I don't truly understand what I am doing but it's like the system is finish now learn later and it's frustrating that kids pass with that mind set.
Very few teachers make sure you are doing well. And you take unneeded classes,and most students graduate will classes that are unnecessary.The football team comes before anything else. they like to give kids better grades then what they made.
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All in all the district needs help. Poorly ran in the entire district. Plc program needs to be gone. The district needs a new school board and administration.
I loved the different teaching methods such as traditions and PLC. I want to see change in the collage readiness.
My time in Chickasha was a fun time but the football program was horrible and I loved football. I watched as the current principal brought down the school bit by bit. The people in my class were great and the school spirit was great, but the new PLC program they tried to put in was a horrible idea and a waste of money and time for everyone.
I would like to see the administration change. Ever since Jim Glaze passed away it hasn't been the same and as A student who has been in Chickasha Public School my whole life it is disappointing. I love Chickasha, the community and school system, but something has to change.
Over all my experience at Chickasha has been great. There are a lot of extracurricular activities, not just sports, and the teachers really care about you. The reason I only gave 4 stars is only do to the size. It is a larger school than what I am use to and just with there was more to bring students of different interests together.
Chickasha has decent teachers but only a few that really teach and care. I went there my entire life and only had about 4 teahcers that actually cared about the kids instead of the pay check. Over all, I rate my Chickasha Public School experience a three out of five stars.
At first i had a difficult time with bullying and didnt think i was going to have a good year but it improved and overall i had a good school year. My senior year was a little off but i made it thru. Teachers were helpful. What i would change s communication better and not so many clicks
Chickasha High School is a small school, in a small town. The main focus of the school is athletics. Academics are just something that goes with the sports. But because Chickasha is a small School, every body is close. No one gets left behind, and no one feels left out. Chickasha High School is a big family, we fight and at times don't get along, but we will always be there for each other.
My time at Chickasha Public Schools has been a long and interesting adventure. I have met many people and have made many friends down the road. I can not think of a time when I completely hated the school. I have not liked some of my teachers but everyone has those teachers. I have learned a great amount while attending Chickasha Schools and I will always have good memories from here.For the most part I have liked all of my teachers and have learned a lot from these great people. Chickasha is my home and a piece of me will always want to stay here.
Teachers are in classrooms with an overpopulation of children, so the teacher can't reach their potential nor can a student. They have a very serious problem in notifying parents of injuries, emergencys, etc. On a couple occasions I've personally been called to ask if my child would be attending that day when he had been dropped off personally to school 4 hours prior.
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