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Chichester School District is in no means exceptional. It’s not exceptionally dangerous and academically lacking, yet not exceptionally safe and academically progressive. There are quite a few teachers that are not adequate and yet there are a few that make up for that gap. I will say however that the clubs and activities, while poorly managed and erratic, were filled with passion and fun attitudes toward the activities of the clubs
The involved people in Chi are the same people every year no matter what Class. I would hope to see change in involvement, the diversity of the teachers/students as well as the administrators actually caring about the students. Students voices' are not heard and that should be different since it's ours high school experience, not the faculty's.
I like how involving the community is. It is structured well throughout the community which allows the students to get involved. My over all experience wasn’t all great nor all bad. It was just good to experience a type of security in the district
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I graduated from Chi and enjoyed my experience there. Today, I am hoping my son moves out of the district once he starts his family. The administration there is horrible & their only goal, in my opinion, is to push the students out! While discipline should be started at home & some parents are too interested in being "friends" rather than a parent, children need to be taught that they are required to do the work required to pass. I also do not believe in the alternative school! Chi needs to get back to the way children were taught and disciplined in the 70's & 80's!
Chichester School District gives opportunity to find your interests. CHS exceeds in sports and in music. Many of the clubs such as student council and the honor societies creates a value their community with volunteer work. I would like to see the Administration to direct their focus to the Math and Science departments. The main issue that Chichester High School lacked was college readiness. Learning methods need to be changed and improved.
Chichester School District was an okay place to attend for my education. Not everyone was the nicest but the teachers were very one on one there. The educational system could improve with academics and testing. The sports and activities were excellent, very full of life.
Chi is okay. There was little diversity when I attended but that's to be expected, although sad, when you move into a better school district.
Terrible superintendent, puts on a good show, but is phony. Doesn't care about students or families.
Ive been going to chichester schools since the 3rd grade and cant really complain. It gets crazy sometimes with bomb threats and fights but if you come to school to do your work its efficient. The teachers do a great job with the resources that they have. They also are so patient in the face of the disrespect that some students give them.
I met some wonderful teachers at this district and I appreciate the courses and extra curricular activities that the school offers. However, the school needs improvement in the disciplinary measures utilized and in the administration. Better communication should be exercised between parents and the district about important issues. Communication could be improved between teachers are well.
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