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I very much enjoy attending a Cps school.Cps not only help academic growth in youth but also personal growth.Before joining the cps school system I attended multiple catholic academies and there I learned alot of stuff that would prepare me for standardized test and that was great , but while learning in cps the teachers often connected work problem to real wod problems to ensure all students would grasps the concept being taught.
All my years at Chicago public schools, ive had a pleasant experience with how everything worked.Sometimes i didn't agree with some of the decisions that they were making in the pass years , i still acme to be successful in life just because of Chicago public schools. Im grateful because of that because its setting up a common ground for my future to take its toll on me.
I am a senior in high school. I have been attending CPS my whole life. I like CPS because the teachers are very kind and caring you can tell they love what they love.
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Divide the funding more equally, in low income areas the quality of school education is poor. The building is falling apart, various classes lack resources, the resources the schools do give however, are poor quality. From food that goes wasted, to books from the 70s, the school has nothing to be proud of.
Overall I am proud to have attended a high school in Chicago because its where I am from but the school district is self is horrible. It only gives higher education to students who are in a higher financial positions through the selective enrollment process and unless you get into one of those schools you are going to experience a in my opinion low end education due to the lack of resources provided to the other schools within CPS.
Chicago Public Schools is not much different than other schools. They have the same things such as classrooms, students, cafeteria, bathroom, and etc. There is not many things to nag about Chicago Public Schools but there are a few. Some include more violence and accidents than the average. Specially because it takes place in Chicago, where there is more violence in general. Another thing is that Chicago Public Schools don't get as many funds to do many activities. Also the food is not that great either. Not everything is bad though, just because there is mentions of violence once in a while it doesn't mean that it happens daily. Students can still feel safe in their schools. There are still things students can do for extra curricular activities and actually enjoy them.
Chicago Public Schools is home to one of the largest education school districts in the United States. Every year CPS' numbers are increasing with graduation rate, we always hear stories about young men and women who grew up in CPS Elementary and High Schools doing great things in College! Outside of the politics of the government, CPS has always been a home to thousands of children and their families.
My experience with Chicago Public Schools was good. Teachers are very helpful. I feel safe in the Chicago Public School environment. Some things I think that could better are the sports and club involvements. Also better and healthier fool.
Some schools are better than others, but in general, CPS has some things that should definitely be fixed. Some of these things include the low budget funding that is causing some schools to be overcrowded, have horrible food, or even close down certain schools.
I have been a student in a cps school since kindergarten and i am currently a senior and i think that cps schools have a safe learning environment for their students . The teachers try their best to make sure that each individual student are successful and learning the materials that they are supposed to learn. I enjoy how the teachers make the learning fun and make projects into things that we will actually want to do,
Honestly, I like everything about Chicago Public Schools. If anyone were to ask me, I wouldn't want fo change a thing.
honestly love the people. i went to a very nice school so nothing dramatic with kids. what id love to see change, the money. we have no money to have more than one class, classrooms with 40-50 kids in them and over worked underpaid teachers. be a good kid yea you'll go far but there's really not a lot of financial backing to make a good great
Teachers are always excited welcoming students back to school. Although at times teachers are not able to control some students, my school has a strict discipline system that the security guards strictly enforce. My school is safe enough due to that system.
I would like to see more funding from the state towards the schools so it can take the burden away from the taxpayers.
I been involved with CPS since I was 3 years old. I attended Daniel Webster which is a grammar school in my neighborhood. It prepared me for high school. I was involved in numerous sports, after school programs, and volunteer opportunities. I continue to my education at Westinghouse college Prep. one of the top selective enrollment high school on the west side of Chicago. Westinghouse prepared me for college but not only for college but for the real world. I took mandarin for 4 years never in a million years thought I would take mandarin and still use it today. CPS is a great school system but could be better if everyone donate their time and give back to these schools instead of taking their kids out of the system. It is many people who become something from Chicago public schools using my former principal at westinghouse Dr. Jackson for an example she has accomplished a lot at her age and still striving.
I am a CPS fan!! I fully support our CPS teachers and staff. However, please note that parents need to do the research when their child is advancing into HS.
From 1st grade all the way to 12th grade had been such a life experience and memories that have fulfilled my life. CPS has done its best to give the students a chance of learning, having a meal, socializing with others, and a chance to realize what gifts one may have. Thanks to this system that many generations in the future will continue to achieve higher thanks to school who gave one a positive experience and to believe one self that anyone can do anything.
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My experience with Chicago Public Schools is okay. I feel that there needs to be a lot of improvements as far as funds for programs in the system. Students need teachers that are actually invested in their education not teachers that are just there for a paycheck. Us students need to feel as if we have more people motivating us to strive for success.
My experience was not what i thought it would be. Everyone wants that highschool musical highschool experiences. Instead, we get the direct opposites. There’s really no singing unless you in choir. Lots of homework, drama, and even social changes. The great thing about it is you meet different people, create bonds, and even find what you might want to do in the future.
My experience with Chicago public schools was Great I only transferred schools two times out of my grandma school years. But I do believe Chicago public schools should change around special education for students in the younger grades because sometimes they might not get the help they need.
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