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Chesterfield County School District Reviews

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My experience at Chesterfield High school has been very eye opening. I transferred to this at the beginning of my junior year. Start new is always scary but the students, teachers and other academic staff was all very welcoming. Now in my senior year i fell that i have been attending this school for all four years. Chesterfield High school is a great place to get a good education and to make friends. This school is like one big family, everyone knows and gets along with each other.
Chesterfield County School District is a great school system for the resources we have, which is barely any. Chesterfield does have many sports-related activities but not many clubs that most of the students would be interested in. We do not have a lot of parent involvement in our county partly because most of the parents do not get invited to do much for our school.
Chesterfield school district is a very poor school. Yes, our graduation rate is the highest in our county but the district its self is corrupt. The district personals care more about taking care of themselves rather than the teachers and students. The school its self is fairly descent, other than the small things that could be fixed. A teacher stated to a class that if the school was to catch on fire we would have no money to fix it until the insurance company sends money because the district would much rather have elevators in a two story building. After the tragic shooting in Florida, Chesterfield had a threat scare as well. The adults at the school told the students that we are not to call or reach out to our parents, and if parents show up to the school to take us home they would be denied. The school district will also not give camera access to the 911 center, in case of an incident or a lock down.
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It was okay overall, I wish the arts were more respected. It's a very poor area and there's not much funding towards anything. Some teachers don't care about the children's educations and there aren't many oppertunities to explore paths you would like to go into.
Overall, it was perfectly acceptable as a rural high school. The teachers were quite competent, and if there are any complaints, they stem from a rather unruly student body, rather than any of the faculty.
Everyone here has basically been here since 5K to highschool so its very nice to know everyone. However, education and involvement lacks here, sometimes we do not receive the support we need as students. Overall, I personally have achieved great successes here, mostly on my own. I do have a few teachers who have always pushed me to be the best that i can be. Although my parents are not very active within the school, my parents have and will always be my greatest supporters.
I had a very good experience in my district. I would like to more diversity and cultural education advances. Also, more afterschool programs for students to participate in, and more interesting classes. I would to see equal distribution of grants in the athletic department. I feel the more popular sports like football, are more valued than others.
It’s a very great district. They really care about their students academic wise and safety wise. They are great with helping students out with their future career just by the classes they provide. I would recommend this district to anyone that asks.
I have enjoyed attending Chesterfield County Schools. I have never had any problems with staff or receiving an education through this district.
I am a student at Central High school and it really is a great place to learn and grow. The teachers are willing to help you as much as they can and want to see you succeed and graduate. The administrators work hard to run the school and keep everyone safe. Everyone has school spirit and we really sho what we’re mde of when it comes to sports. My experience as a Senior is great.
My school district is in all, very pleasant. Many of the classes and teachers are good at preparing the students for college and life after high school. Our schools funding and facilities are low compared to the larger schools that surround us, but we still do well with what we have. Parents are not given much of a chance to be active in our school, nor are they given much information on what is going on in our school. The students are not given many opportunities to join clubs or other activities, because there are not many, and the ones that we do have only allow for a few members. Compared to many of the districts around us, our academics are slightly more superior, but we are bound by resource limitations.
I like that it is somewhat a small school, you get to grow up with the same people in your classes. The change I would like to see is more help with College Readiness. I wish they had more classes that thought you how to be ready for the real world.
Chesterfield county schools were not best conditions for a modern school. The facilities are not clean, resources are slim, and college readiness is poor. The teachers try their very best to make the sun shine through the clouds. The county needs help with apply for more grants and dispersing money in right departments.
I've been living in Chesterfield County all of my life. I feel extremely confident in being prepared for college. The teachers in this district have instilled many skills into me and my fellow peers to be able to live a successful life upon graduating.
Bathrooms are not up to par in relation to other schools. school subjects doesn't actually prepare u for the real world just like any other public high school. Food is very underwhelming most days, some is just uneatable but the pizza and chicken is OK most days
I like that the schools are small. This allows for me to get to know and make friends with a lot of people. I would like to see more classes added because there aren't enough rigorous courses.
The teachers are very helpful when it comes to needing extra help with work or making up work missed. It would be better if parents were more involved and notified more about things going on in the community and schools.
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My experience with niche was simple and I got through with a breeze. Every step I needed was easily found and I got informed about all the information i needed.
My overall experience in school has been enjoyable. The teachers i have had have taught me well and have done their best to prepare me for college. Some rules, though, have been ridiculous. i did not enjoy the fact that we were punished for having to use the bathroom.
The Chesterfield County School System is a good system. Most of the teachers are nice and knowledgeable, the administration is involved and supportive, and for the most part, it is a very safe atmosphere in which to learn. However, it suffers from what many small-town school systems do: lack of opportunity. It'll take individual initiative to gain access to a varied opportunities and activities.
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