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Chesterfield County Public Schools Reviews

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Chesterfield County Public Schools are the best. I've always felt safe at my school and I was giving many life skills. My teachers have been great at making sure that I and others learn and pass while working with us if we didn't understand something.
Its a good district not much goes on which is nice. Also the overall safety of the district is really good not many fights happen at Cosby High School. Another thing is the amount of threats we get is pretty overwhelming just from bomb threats or shooting threats. but we have a good staff to keep us safe so there is no fear in a lot of people that go to Chesterfield schools.
I had a very positive High school experience in the chesterfield county school system. I feel very prepared for my next chapter which is college. I was able to be in many extra curricular activities that made me feel connected to my school and staff.
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Personally I have not had any problems with my school and have enjoyed my time here. There are a couple things that the school could improve (but not many though since we have a new principal this year.)
My experiences in chesterfield county public school(CCPS) has been phenomenal. CCPS has allowed me to go out on field trips and discover new things. The teachers in the county are devoted to making sure the students pass their sols and exams. The schools are so diverse. If I were to have a child in CCPS I would feel comfortable knowing they would make friends and that they are safe.
Chesterfield County Public Schools has the potential to be an incredible district, but there are always new things being added that take away from this. There is not as much diversity in the county. The academics all depend on what school you attend, as do the sports. The food is mediocre, as school food is. There are a handful of truly good teachers. The administration is okay.
CCPS is large and depends upon which part you are in will dictate your experience. I was in the southern part of Chesterfield I when to Curtis Elementry and Elizabeth Davis Middle. They where ok but some teachers were better than others. Now I go to Appomattox Regional Governor's School in Petersburg. The school has students from 14 different districts but Chesterfield has the largest number of slots.
I love chesterfield county public schools but I would like to see some of the facilities be updated and fixed, in addition to that i want to see parents get more involved and help with sports and school functions, because its a lot for the teachers.
I enjoyed many aspects of CCPS schools, but overall I did not have a great experience. Administration was unhelpful and biased, and funding for programs I enjoyed at my schools, such as theater, was cut.
Honestly Chesterfield County public schools have some of the best teachers out there. They are very helpful and always want you to do your best.
Your normal, average high school (James River HS). Admins failed to follow up on a report I made about a continued sexual harassment incident, and generally don't seem to care about students they aren't buddies with. Very cliquey. Extremely easy to feel out of place and unwanted. Band program is full of drama with occasional wins at competitions, but overall not worth the time or money. Teachers are very hit-or-miss, I had mostly terrible teachers my first two years but it has been better in my senior year. Terrible math department, alright science department, terrible English department. History dept. is kind of "eh" except Mr. Addison and Mr. Entsminger, they are both incredible teachers. Mrs. Warner and Mr. Crane in the science department are wonderful as well. Pray you get them and not someone else.
They're very unorganized and rarely know what they're doing. The academics are good and the teachers are good, but the district itself isn't organized on a level that districts that govern 63 schools should be governed.
It's a pretty ok school system. My teachers have been mostly amazing and I feel included within the school community.
I think The field school counties can do better with their bus routes and how they handle things in schools
I attended Matoca high school, Salem Church middle school and Bellwood elementary school in Chesterfield County in my experience there was awesome. I believe it is the best county in Virginia to educate children even with disabilities. The only thing i I believe it is the best county in Virginia to educate children even with disabilities. The only thing kind of bad thing is that they don’t pay their teachers enough money for what they do.
Their is one thing that I love about this school system and it concerns with how they have high expectations towards student education and its high rate of graduation rates. Nothing within CCPS I wish to change because they have already applied outstanding goals for the next generation of learners.
When I was in High School, I had a very good experiences. I was lucky enough to go a school where the teachers actually cared about their students, wanted to actually teach us something, and would help with whatever you needed help with. I was very blessed to be able to go my school, our principle was awesome as well. She cared about all of us and was also a strict principle, which is something I really liked, on top of all this I did have amazing friends. We all had a great time at lunch and gym being able to mingle and spend time together. Some of the things that I wish would change would be getting rid of all SOL tests because they don't help any of the kids, they just make them more stressed out and making it to where the kids need them to graduate. is just ridiculous.
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Chesterfield county public school, make you feel at home and a since of welcome wherever your path may lead you.
I attended a Chesterfield County Public School from K-12th grade. My experience with this school district has been terrific. The teachers and administrators truly care about the success of their students.
There was a diverse culture to the high school I went to located in Chesterfield County Public Schools. One thing I would like to see is the teachers and administration prepare the students more for college or whichever course they would like to go.
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