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Chester Union Free School District Reviews

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Chester may be a small school but has great sportsteams and a great community of memebers that are willing and able to help you succeed.
I liked the over all enviorment that that this type of school provides. This school has very good diversity that most schools in the area do not have.
The school is rather small but I feel that this is a good thing because you get more one on one time with teachers to better understand the topic and to develop relationships.
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I've gone to Chester since kindergarten, and am now a senior. Chester is a small school, and although students from Greenwood Lake schools come, there are barely 100 students in each graduating class. Some of the teachers are fantastic, but most teachers are horrible and unfair, and the administration is the most awful thing I've ever seen. The administration is absolutly awful at planning anything or helping students. I've even had administration workers try to purposely get me in trouble by forcing me to be late by not opening the front door, although I'd arrived before the bell rang. Lastly, he guidance counselor for the upperclassmen is terrible and not helpful in the slightest.
The athletics at Chester Academy as well as extracurricular activities are great, but the school seemed to be more focused on extracurriculars than it was on academics. Although Chester Academy’s academics aren’t poor, there could be more emphasis on improving it. The school is not very diverse, and often times people would come to school with offensive articles of clothing containing different symbols such as Swastika’s and Confederate flags; administration would do little or nothing to stop these actions. Lastly, the guidance department was not helpful with aiding in college applications, and often times students felt as though they were doing everything by themselves.
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