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Living and going to school is okay but there is a lot of room for improvement. It is easy to tell in this school system that a lot of people are pretending to care. Whether it be about the students or the facilities it is very obvious that people do not care as much as they should. We are a small county so there will always be certain problems but some of the problems that arise here are ridiculus. For example, if there are so few students in hte county then why are their voices and concerns not being heard.
I enjoyed the participation of the students and faculty in school events. I would like to see how the faculty handle certain situations change. Most of the teachers are kind and will help you with anything you need. The main thing I am proud to say my school is apart of is helping the special needs students with anything and helping them feel like they are not different or outcasts.
Chester high is very involved in the college readiness of there students. They have all types of programs to help encourage us. They try their best to ensure the safety of everyone and most of the staff make an effort to get to knoe the students. I do believe we could be even better than we are now if we could have more time to talk about personal issues that effect us in our schooling. I believe we should also do something to connect with our peers a little more. Overall I really love the school and all the effort they put forward and i think they really believe in the success of all their students.
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There are three high schools when there should only be one. With three schools instead of one, there are not enough teacher options for students, there are not enough clubs, some schools don't have certain sports or classes (for example, my school cancelled our Spanish 4 class because not enough students were signed up to take it), and there is not enough money coming in because it's being divided by three schools instead of one.
As a new student in the area, I became integrated into the system very quickly with little unease. The teachers are always present and ready to work with their students in order to bring forth the information they're trying to teach in an understanding and productive environment.
Growing up within the Chester County School District was not easy. The school district went through some tough trials, but yet, they somehow came up with a way to make sure that the students within the school district was a great place for South Carolina students to grow and learn together. If I had the ability to change anything, I wouldn't change anything. I love my school district just the way it is, Chester County School District was and is an amazing place to grow and learn for all students.
My journey at Chester High School has been a great experience. The one thing that I love the most is the bond that me and majority of my teachers made. They always motivate me to accomplish any of my goals. They're always there to help encourage students to get their education. The principals also take learning very seriously they make sure that each student receives the education him or her needs to be successful. The only thing that I would change about my school is the classroom sizes. Me personally I don't like big classes , because I feel as if it makes it harder for my teacher to give me that one on one assistance being that the class is so learge. Overall I enjoyed my years so far at Chest High School.
I love the school district becasue they are so open to new students and new ideas that would otherwise seem foreign in different school districts
Chester County School district makes learning difficult at times. The teachers should make learning easy. They could do that by having more one on one sessions with their students.
My experience about Chester County School District is accurate, they have workers that feel for the students in their three cities. I am a senior in Chester, South Carolina looking into how I can become more involved with the district, such as scholarships, volunteer work, or helping in such a way. I have realized how much the workers care for individuals and can help them in any way they possibly can. Growing up in such a small town made me appreciate life even more, looking in on how small things make the biggest impact. I really enjoyed my experiences here, and hope that the underclassman can enjoy it as well as i have.
Chester County has been a great place to grow up in. I am thankful for Dr. Graham, as he is very passionate about Chester & the children that attend CHS. However, there is so much room for improvement, in my opinion. There are wonderful teachers, & then there are teachers that, quite literally, make students want to drop out. Chester High School lacks passion; passion for learning, passion for improvement, & passion for the future. This lack of passion is consistent within the faculty, as well as with the majority of students, & I feel that this apathetic attitude is holding us back. However, I do believe that Dr. Graham & Dr. Bain are both passionate about improving education in Chester, & I have already seen some changes within the past two years.
From Kindergarten to senior year of high school, I was educated only in Chester County. It has great teachers and amazing programs throughout its many schools. I would like to see the Chester County School District continue to grow and flourish in helping teach and prepare young people for the world before them.
The good part about attending the schools were the teachers. Many teachers liked to help and teach students then there were the teachers who didn't really care if a student passed or fail as long as that child got out of their class. Another good thing about the school is the extracurricular activities, everyone is always so involved when it comes to them.
CHS is an okay school to attend. There are teachers and staff that truly care about assisting you in achieving your future goals, but of course, there are those few staff members that are not so good. Discipline was not taken as seriously as it should have been so there was a lot of bullying and negativity. Chester's Career Center is the best part of the school district as all of the staff there care and they do not just teach the bare minimum, they make learning fun and love befriending their students as if the students were their adopted family. The only big changes would have to be to clean the place up and to give more nourishing lunches.
Chester high is an okay school but it's not the best of the best , the faculty and staff never have positive attitudes.
The teachers are very nice but they don't take discipline too seriously. They try to keep the students involved in activities.
It was okay. Some teachers let too many kids get away with bad behavior. Administration tries to mediate. Needs police officers on campus again instead of mall cops.
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very productive and a fun environment, students are involved and active. teachers and administration continue to challenge students.
Chester County schools are great. In Great Falls we have small class sizes and a very personalized education experience. However, we lack money from the district but we work with what we are given.
The teachers try their best to help you pass your classes. The class to teacher ratio isn't to high. The only thing i would change about my school is the lunch and breakfast foods.
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