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I enjoyed going to Chester area. I enjoyed that the small class sizes allow more one on one time with teachers when needed. It also allows you to be friends with everyone in your class.
As a senior of Chester Area High School, I know the ins and outs of the school. It a small learning environment. We only have about 300 in the whole school. It is nice having smaller classes because you all bond with each other. If I have a question, the teachers are always glad to help. Chester does lack on some areas. Our school is a traditional small school and does not have all the classes and opportunities a big school has. We do not have an home economical classes. Also a senior, we do not have open campus or work study. I feel like every school has their goods and bads, but here at Chester, we make the best of it. To me, Chester is a great learning environment and teaches the students good morals.
It would be a better school if the teachers were nicer and actually help the students out. The school is okay too, because the classmates aren't the best either. Because they like to single out other people in their grade and other grades. The only thing about Chester that is good and okay is the agriculture classes and the teacher because he is an amazing and awesome teacher and he cares and listens to everyone.
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My experience at Chester Area School has been amazing. Since I transferred from Lincoln High School, I felt like everything has changed for me. The teachers treat you kindly and thinks of you as a student, instead of a number. There clubs and activities are astonishing overall. But I wish they were able to get some upgrades with their stage lights, and expand the gym.
I have been a student at Chester Area for 13 years now, ever since I was in kindergarten. Throughout my time here I have enjoyed most every second as the staff and other students have helped me succeed in everyday learning. Chester is a great town to grow up in and go to school. With its small town feel and even smaller class sizes it allows each student to get the attention they need to learn and prosper. Overall, my school is above many in the academic and extracurricular activities that teach us how to excel later on down the road.
I thought that the school was a fun thing to be a part of being in a small community where everyone knows who you are! It is also nice to be able to get help from the teachers whenever you need it.
It was a great experience. The entire community makes you feel like family. The small classes allow you great one on one time with your teachers. The parents of students really get involved and provide for everyone in school.
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