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Chesapeake Union Exempted Village School District Reviews

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I enjoyed going to Chesapeake; I'm going to be sad when I leave. It's not the best school, but it's not the worst. I feel like most of the teachers are nice, but are not the best teachers. I feel like i could have learned more if some of these teachers actually taught. But the teachers that are good are absolutely amazing, I've learned so much from those teachers; so its 50/50. I feel like there are a lot of different activities and sports for students to participate in. The school culture is also very nice I feel very close with my class mates, and when something happens the administration is quick to act. One thing I think is poor is the food, it makes me sick sometimes because it is so greasy. But it was the only thing i have to eat so i eat it anyway. Another thing i wish was better was college readiness, i do not really feel like I am ready for college myself, they do take some measure to get us ready but I feel like it is not enough
My experience at Chesapeake Union Exempted Village School District has been incredible. There is from great sports teams to engaging teachers and everything in between! I've spent all of my years in school at Chesapeake and I wouldn't change a thing.
The Chesapeake school district is a small town school. Everybody knows everyone, and parents are quick to respond to problems at school. Bullying is unheard of because cliques are nonexistent. My time attending Chesapeake schools has been great. I am an Asian minority in the school, and racism or prejudice is not a factor I have encountered. I recommend Chesapeake to parents and future students who like a close-knit community.
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I liked that our school was small and that I knew everyone that I graduated with and we were all very close. We had some excellent teachers.
Chesapeake was an overall good school for me to attend. I felt as though I was challenged by my AP classes and given different options when it came to taking college courses at Ohio University Southern. The administration was always accessible and receptive to my concerns and questions. My teachers were definitely above average and I felt very prepared for college. My only wish would be to have a few more choices when it came to curriculum . Extra curricular activities were very good including athletics. I participated in three sports and I also belonged to several clubs; including service organizations and more "fun" groups.
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