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Chesapeake Public Schools Reviews

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They supply a good selection of classes, most of the teachers are very good, and many programs/sports are available
Chesapeake public schools is a very good place for kids who wish to excel in academics . However, it lacks diversity
I love how positive it is theirs something new every day and they try to provide new different ways to learn
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Chesapeake Public Schools is an excellent school district. The teachers are helpful, and the classes are constantly entertaining and the students are always engaging with technology as a part of the learning environment.
I’ve been in Chesapeake public schools for about two years know and I absolutely love it it’s very different from any other public school I have gone to
Chesapeake public schools has given me a great opportunity to learn both academically and socially. I’ve had some truly outstanding teachers, played sports and been very active in high school.
Chesapeake Public Schools is a very good school district, top in the country and is well deserving of it. Some schools definitely need more support/funding, but the schools I went to were great and prepared me very well for college.
I like how there are alot of great, educational opportunities here in Chesapeake, Va. But I would like to see change is school let out time, which is around 3:50 and the allowance of certain activities to part take here.
I attend Deep Creek High School, which is a school in the Chesapeake Public School system, and I can say that CPS does do a good job trying to get you ready for the next step in your life. I believe most teachers enjoy their job and enjoy interacting with students. My history teacher for VA/US History, Mr. Kumm, is a great example of that. He always told us how much he loved coming to work, and he was an excellent teacher and had an answer for every question you asked him.
Overall Chesapeake is a fairly welcoming school district that offers students a good education. It is an area largely filled with military families so making friends is always easy. The school system works well with parents at times but does not like working with students.
I like the way they teach my kids. They take time and help them to understand what is going on in the world. My kids have really have improved since we moved to Chespeake.
Our experience with Chesapeake public schools has been wonderful. You couldn’t ask for a more dedicated group of teachers at Hickory High School!! Teachers go over and beyond what anyone could ever imagine. Giving of their time and talents! Caring deeply about their students growth academically and in other aspects.
I love the teachers at my school. They are very involved and loves helping students become the best they can be. I believe teachers need to be paid more.
Chesapeake is very good concerning diversity and encouraging students to complete their goals. The food is honestly average. The environment is positive. The teachers and administration are always concerned about what they can do to better the school. If you're interested in sports, there's a lot support from the school. School counselors push for students to do as much as possible concerning academics.
I like that many of the teachers are willing to go above and beyond for their students. They continuously give up their own time for their students. The school also gives students opportunities to become a better student.
I attend Grassfield High School in the Chesapeake Public School district. Grassfield has provided me with a great education and a collaborative social environment allowing me to achieve my best work in class. The school is fantastic, in that, the social aspect and classroom environment feed off of each other to create a diverse learning environment. At Grassfield, students believe in pursuing knowledge for which I am extremely grateful for this.One thing I would change would be that I would make the school district have a better program for military students moving into the area. I am a military student and I moved to Chesapeake right as I was starting my sophomore year in high school. When I moved to the area, the district would not honor some of my credits from my past school. I found this frustrating as I was a straight A student who wanted to pursue harder courses.With a better program for military students, the quality of learning will increase.
The teachers are excellent. There is a lot of school pride. The new wing of the building is wonderful and there is a new outdoor classroom
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I like how there is diversity within the schools. We don’t wear uniforms because we’re our own person. The lunches could be better. But the education is great.
I enjoy the community environment set forth by Chesapeake public schools, however I would like to see a change in the involvement in students lives
Teachers are well educated and understand children's needs and learning styles. I feel very fortunate to have been a student here for several reasons, among them the unique situation whereby my mother also attended this school.
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