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Cherry Valley-Springfield Central School District Reviews

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Cherry Valley-Springfield has shaped me into the individual I am today. Although there were times I felt as though I wasn’t a part of our school community as a whole, I always ended up feeling welcomed. I am thankful for my years attending this high school, but I hope in the future the school itself will take time to listen to each students individual needs whether it be emotionally or academically.
This is a small school which I believe makes it easier for students to get help from their teachers.
For a rather small town school, I received a very impactful education. It has helped me get into some amazing colleges and even prepared me for college level assignment. The only really draw back was poor administration that seemd to always be conflicitng with parnets or teachers.
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i dont feel that the all teachers help the children the way they are supposed to, esp those with i.e.p's. Some are more concerned about themselves and the grades they get in not the students and if they are struggling.
This school is very tipical of a rural farming community. The area doesn't have a lot of diversity, and the school is very much the same. I would really like to see change that the students and faculty push for, rather than just doing the same thing because it's how it's always been done. However, much of the faculty is fantastic. During my time here I have had the chance to bond with and build many relationships with professionals within this school that I believe will last.
I graduated from Cherry Valley-Springfield in 2014 and found the experience quite enjoyable. We have a lot of great staff members that truly broaden the horizons of each individual student. We are a small community and we help each other out along the road to success. For those students that remain in the area, we offer job opportunities to recent recent grads who are now attending college. The superintendent created a program that allows college students to work as elementary and middle school teachers aids, no matter their course of study. For the last two years, I have worked as an aid in the school during my holidays and its a truly rewarding experience being able to help younger generations succeed.
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