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A great school with a great staff and coaches. It truly has the it takes a village attitude toward a combined family and staff success of students. A great not to big and not to small feel. Cafeteria food is my one complaint lol
Cherry Hill Public Schools are very good in their acadammics and prepares students very well when it comes to college.
I had an excellent experience at my school. I had a lot of great teachers who cared about me and my success. There were many opportunities at my school and I am grateful to have been a student here.
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The school district only cares about you if you have money and influence. Most of the teachers are okay, with some great ones and some terrible ones thrown here and there. As for the buildings themselves, most of them are infested with pests and falling apart in some areas. All in all, it’s basically what you’d expect from a tv show about high school.
Though the academics are extremely challenging, I thoroughly enjoy attending a Cherry Hill public school because of how I am prepared for the real world. I have learned how to prepare for job interviews, which I deem successful with my recent job acceptance, as well as how to integrate myself into society.
I hate it. It was a terrible experience and I was bullied. I had no friends I would cry myself to sleep every night and would make myself sick going there.
One thing Cherry Hill East does is a Multi Cultural Day. It’s where clubs show off there culture and educate others. This day shows how diverse our school is. We learn about different cultures and we get to spend a whole day learning about them.
Not bad for an underfunded school district. The state of NJ has underfunded the Cherry Hill School districrap for 10 years now. Allow Fair Funding to happen, and the rating would be significantly higher on ratings lists like this.
I have been attending Cherry Hill Public Schools all of my life. I started at Clara Barton Elementary School from grades K-5. I don't remember many times that I was unhappy with school. I always loved learning and being with school classmates. To this day the teachers still recognize me! After my time there I continued my journey to Carusi Middle School from 6th to 8th grade. This was when the book work increased but so did the fun. Carusi was where I met some of my closest friends and discovered a lot about myself, including my favorite hobbies. In the spring of my last year there I decided to join spring track. That activity followed me through high school where I ran cross country, winter track, and spring track for all four years. The Cherry Hill School district is a wonderful and well rounded system that helped me become who I am today and I thank them a lot.
Very good teachers that care a lot about students academic success, the school has a definitive appreciation for academic success and personal development and it instills many great values within its students. It is a very diverse system with numerous accommodations and career opportunities aimed at its large student population and with that It is a very good district for education.
Cherry Hill Public Schools shaped me into the person I am today. It prepared me for life's greatest challenges and obstacles while also allowing me to make life-long friends along the way.
its good but not great I had a good time however some things were wack. They . never sent my final transcript to my college and I had to do alot of things by myself
The schools themselves are great. Great education, safe environment. However, there was a blatant lack of diversity and spaces for minorities other than the few cultural clubs in high school. The schools need a course in cultural sensitivity. Or at least the high school students.
The district has great teachers but the administrators often fail to follow the law and education codes. There are many opportunities for sports and activities. The buildings are in bad condition.
I feel I am more college ready than others who have attended other school districts. Although the classes might be challenging many of my classes were enjoyable and I think that is what prepared me the most for college. You have to learn to enjoy a class especially when it is difficult. The clubs I was in made me who I am today. I was in choir and marching band and I enjoyed them so much and I'm sad I will no longer be able to continue marching band in college.
Cherry Hill East has a great theater program. There are lots of AP classes, and it prepares you for college.
Cherry Hill Public Schools really prepares you for college the work load and how the teaches operate. The caf food is kinda bad the bathrooms are disgusting. The school is falling apart and needs to be updated. the elective teachers are really knowable such as photo and the art classes.
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As a highschool senior I cam say that this school district has some amazing teachers that really are great people, however there are others that are lazy and don't teach very well. Some teachers taugh me very important life lessons, but again it varies.Schools are diverse and culturally balanced, and the schools are great with providing resources tht students need.
Cherry Hill Schools do a very good job, especially considering that their infrastructure is falling apart. We have leaky plumbing, lead in the water, broken outdoor sporting equipment, broken windows and mold. Having said that, the teachers manage to do a great job getting the kids ready for college.
I had a very ideal experience in the Cherry Hill school system, especially both elementary school and high school. The teachers were very caring and wanted to see their students exceed in the classroom and outside of school. Administration was very open and welcoming and students were able to build close relationships with them.
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