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What I like about the district is the community. You get to get along with other people who are from a different ethnic background and the extracurricular activities in school (i.e. sports, clubs)
I've been with them my whole life. The education was good I guess. As a child, I was bullied, and I faced discrimination. In middle school, my friends and I were bullied for being gay and despite the deans, we told nothing was done. High school was good (in my couple months), the school is very inclusive and has a diverse set of clubs
The academics at creek provide a really great range of opportunities and interests for students to get involved in. Especially with the new career and technical building, the district is able to cater towards students who learn hands on and need to prepare for the work force. There is unfortunately an incredibly great difference between the wealthy and poorer schools in the district. As a student at cherry creek high school, our school lacks diversity and is way too big. Especially for those interested in ivy leagues, creek’s ranking system is skewed and almost everyone at the school is overachieving and spoiled. There is also a great amount of anti-Semitic hate going around creek more recently.
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I have had an amazing experience with teachers minus a few outliers, and I feel very well prepared for college. Every step of the way to applications I have been supported and thoroughly advised as of what the next steps are.
What I liked about this school district was that the diversity was noticeable. You would see all cultures and that would make our school even more interesting to go to. The clubs in our school were diverce and there was a club for everything. One thing i would change would be the college readiness. We really didnt get any help when it came to the college readiness. We got some knowledge but not all.
I feel very prepared for college, but I don't feel like I got to enjoy high school. This high school is very stressful and pressuring. You are always compared to the best of the best and it is too big.
At first we were very much supportive of Cherry Creek Schools and its programs. However, having now been involved with the school district for several years we've come to understand that the administration of the district is very formulaic and yet inconsistent in the way they treat students. The administration is policy driven without regard to individual circumstances. Younger inexperienced administrators seem to have no idea how to handle the specifics of individual situations. They treat every situation with a broad stroke of generality with no attention to flexibility according to the facts of a given issue. In other words, administration is driven only by documented rules and regulations and not common sense. Cherry Creek School District is merely governed by the written rule as interpreted by individual, inflexible administrators.
I loved how every teacher is qualified for their job and knows more than enough about the subject that they teach. I feel as though I got the best education possible in this district because of the amount of resources Cherry Creek School District provides. This includes tutoring, college aid, and multiple corse options that fit exactly what you like.
I really enjoyed my time with the Cherry Creek School District. While I did attend one of the poorer schools in the district, the continuous effort to improve the school was something I will always be grateful for. Thanks to all the diversity throughout the schools I've learned a lot about culture and working with people who are much different from me, which is also something that I began looking for in colleges since the diversity was something I believed I would miss. And with the help of the Cherry Creek School District I was able to receive an internship at Swedish Medical Center which was an opportunity of a lifetime. Cherry Creek Schools also do an amazing job with listening to the families. They take what you say into consideration and look at ways to fix problems. It's incredible to see how the staff hired is able to push students to succeed and strive, to encourage the students to grow and teach students that they can achieve anything.
This school district has excellent education and a very caring and dedicated staff. I have felt very prepared for each new level of education, and I feel very prepared for college due to the education I have received through CCSD.
Amazing education and a great place to network. The teachers all know somebody who is going to help you get your foot in the door. Lacks diversity.
It's a good education but the students are really bad. Many teachers really want to see you grow and be a better person. But the students want to push you down and crush you for them to seem better even if they arnt. A couple of times I've had some kids tell on me in hopes that the teacher would punish me. Although I was doing the right thing and the teachers said it was fine. Also you can do many wonderful things here. I was able to go to a school o couldn't afford with the choice school program.
The best school in Colorado, very competitive and challenge. The teachers are very good and offer a lot of classes, and sports, clubs as well.
I liked that there was a strong sense of responsibility towards the students education, and a good amount of communication between students and teachers. I didn't like the amount of restrictions and security that the students were placed under, as well as the overly enforced tardy policies and ridiculous start times.
Sending my two girls to Eaglecrest was a great achievement. They were very athletic involved, My daughter Chantavia who just graduated was very sociallble, fun and friendly. She was a cheerleader for the whole three years . My husband and I really liked the school
Cherry Creek Schools provide you with a great education, diversity and opportunity. One thing they could do better is provide information about careers, college and other opportunities that you do not need a college education for - or possibly a technical school.
This school is in a really nice area of Greenwood Village, and is well known for its academic rigor and outstanding sports and academic programs.
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The teachers are very attentive and are always willing to help, but sometimes the resources or teachers you are provided with are not the most attentive.
I have been a part of the Cherry Creek School District since 2004. In those years I have grown a tremendous amount. This district always made me feel as if I was being taught by the best educators in the state. This district did everything they could to ensure I was well educated. The Cherry Creek School District also made their community as family friendly as possible. However, the Cherry Creek School District lacked in bullying and cyber-bullying awareness. Many student in that district experienced bullying and the district and schools did not do enough to stop it. Overall I am grateful I have had the opportunity to get an education a such a top-notch school district.
The Cherry Creek School District is one of the highest-achieving school districts in the state of Colorado. Cherry Creek Schools students consistently score well above state averages on standardized assessments and above state and national av​​​erages on SAT and ACT exams.
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