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Their high schools have a nice variety of courses to select from. You also have the opportunity to take AP, Honors, Concurrent or classes from the Innovation campus. The curriculum, athletics and extracurricular is very competitive. I feel like my overall high school experience has been good.
Cherry Creek High school has given me so many opportunities to prepare myself for college and hopefully my future!! The theater department and faculty is absolutely amazing. I have learned so much and I cannot wait to further my academic career in musical theater!
CCSD teaches us a lot of valuable content that can be further explored in colleges, however, similarly to most other schools, it doesn't offer its students a whole lot of classes for life skills. It's above average, but still lacking.
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These are all great schools, and I have had a great experience enrolled here. Athletics are all super competitive and the school environments are just so fun to be around.
I loved how honest teachers were, and how often they did not give up on students. In my experience, only 2 teachers have quit because of students. Principals are the most supportive and inspirational speakers I have ever met. The students in the district are mainly the same all around; occurrences with racism are rare and everyone is generally accepting of people who don't look like them. Overall, I am proud to be a part of the Cherry Creek School District.
I really like the online option at Cherry Creek Elevation. The online school give me the flexibility to do my homework around my hockey schedule.
I say this with a lot of grief and much consideration.  I've had to fight, for over a year, to get my kid the services and helps my kid needs.  I've been denied on merely "majority rules" grounds, rather than the strength of the facts.  I've been denied re-evaluations because I didn't have enough evidence.  And my kid is the one who has lost out!

In another school district, now, two of my kids have begun to thrive, and the tone of the meetings I've had with this other school district have been night/day different.  I don't like to ruffle feathers or rock the boat, but I've now seen what a school district should be and could be, and it's a STARTLING contrast from the frustration and heartbreak I've experienced with Cherry Creek School District. Even now, I still have one kid in CCSD, and I'm working to find a way to move that child's education to another district. I literally start to shake when I have to contact the school/district, nowadays!
Currently enrolled in community college. So far it has been a great experience considering the effects COVID-19 has made.
This district was a nightmare to work for. Seigfreid's decision to return to in-person schooling as we are approaching 200,000 deaths in the U.S. is a huge mistake. They wanted me to teach in-person full-time to 100+ kids per day (as a K-5 specials teacher). My only option was to resign, so I did--gladly!
The Cherry Creek School District is a very nice district with good teachers and curriculum. The schools in this district are located in safe neighborhoods and good areas as well.
I had moved here and went to a high school in the Cherry Creek School District. I felt the academics were excellent and had prepared me for college. The teachers were always nice and made me feel included, even though I am more on the shy side. However, I think that it focused more on sports when it came to extracurriculars, and not necessarily clubs.
Cherry Creek School District always did a great job at encouraging kindness and acceptance. However, I wish the district would have classes for teachers that support the idea that teachers don't let their personal feelings (favorite students) affect other students opportunities in the classroom.
An amazing school system. I would intentionally put my children through this district. The past 12 years have been the best ever. I was able to reach out if I needed anything while in school.
The Cherry Creek School district was more Average than Very Good or Excellent. I felt like you weren't noticed by the school or teachers if you were more on the introverted side unless its recognition to your academic success otherwise you're just a regular student to all the staff. Otherwise school spirit is definitely there, so the assemblies were very enjoyable. The learning experience for me was odd as for many of my peers had a similar experience. We felt as if some teachers did a poor job of teaching us the material in a way where it is engraved into our minds. Counselors were amazing though and touched base with every student in the grade and made sure each student was aware what the next step is in their life.
The cherry creek school district is really good when it comes to sports and academics, but there is a very low diversity rate within the schools and that should be changed.
This district is amazing! It has kept my family and I happy for the entire duration of my schooling before college.
They definitely need to work on their mental health programs and helping their LGBTQ+ students who face discrimination and bullying from other students. However their help with academics were amazing and students were often recognized for their achievements and there were so many teachers who truly cared about their students.
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I grew up in the district and it was a great experience. Like any other school, I had excellent teachers but I also had one or two that were less than ideal. There wasn't much diversity, however, the teachers were helpful and tried to understand.
It is great for typical students, it is lacking in the special needs area. The schools that are farther east have very little diversity and no real attempts are creating diversity. The education is strong if you have a student who is self motivated and learns easily. The teachers in the elementary and middle schools do very little to support learners with IEP's.
My time in the district has been very good. The school spirit and community are amazing. The district has great teachers who care about their students.
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