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I like that in the Cherokee Country School District that, they put every student in the right position to be successful and to graduate from Gaffney high school and provided you with every resource they could to make sure you were ready for anything ahead of you whether it was the work field or college once you left their district.
I completed 9 years in cherokee county and I some very pleasant teachers. Many of the teachers took time to make sure you understood what was going on and would work with those who were struggling.
What I liked about the Cherokee County School District is their commitment to keep their students safe. Although what I strongly believe should be changed is their strictness on dress code. The Cherokee County School District is taking dress code so far that it is interfering with the students learning environment. Students can't simply take a test or get through a lesson because of their harshness of the unnecessary dress code checks every hour.
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I think the Cherokee County School District is good. I wish they would bring back free breakfast for the kids.
My overall experience with the Cherokee County School District is good. I have found it is very organized, safe, diverse, and responsible. Under most situations, Cherokee County has improved in its organization and responsibility, an example being one snowstorm, instead of waiting after accidents happened and students had to stay in school because they did not say to go home until very late, now they have done that, they have notified earlier over this situation to make sure everyone is safe. The only thing I see to really change or improve on is making sure we are more prepared whenever a snowstorm happens, even though it is very rare to occur in this area.
I graduated from BHS in 2013 and my overall experience of 17 years was decent but could have been much better.
My middle school was beginning to seem "out-of-date." It was built long, long ago and the damage inside and out was obvious. I believe changes need to be made to ensure safety.
I love growing up in Cherokee County. I enjoyed all the teachers i had the past years and i ive leanred a lot.
I like the staff that Cherokee county school district has employed. They're all very well educated and always there to help a student out with anything.
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