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It is a small town school with a lot of cliche's. Things change from year to year, it is almost like someone says "hey I went to this new training, lets try it this way this yea." without giving things they started the year before a real chance to be successful. there is also a fair amount of politics of who knows who and child is a teachers kid etc.
The Chequamegon School District is a great place to send your little one off to school for the first time. The School District has two locations which can be a hassle, but it is nice to not be stuck in one school all your life. The staff are one of the best parts about going to Chequamegon because they are all so kind, caring and nice.
I Enjoyed being enrolled in the school but I feel like there should be more opportunities for the art/shop departments. Weather it be more field trips, more access to funding, or more involvement in the community.
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I like Chequamegon for the academics that is offered. However, I feel that there are a few teachers who can develop their courses better. The school offers amazing food and has a great staff. However, there are signs of bias in a few teachers. The school offers many resources from the expansive library, the IT room where students can communicate to professors, and the affiliations with both University of Wisconsin and NTC. The school is small hosting around 200 students and has a more experimental foundation. To elaborate, Chequamegon incorporated the Laude system into graduation. The school has also implemented new security tactics to prevent school shootings. It seems to be a good method. Chequamegon is a nice school that offers students extensions in order to grasp material that is needed for that students future. However, there are flaws. If you are not worried about biasment and a couple of teachers who lack caring for teaching, then this school is the right school for you.
My experience attending Chequamegon High School has not been the greatest. The administration has not always been the most friendly. I feel very unprepared in mathematics, while the school covers up the fact the teachers are not doing their jobs proficiently. I have two teachers who I consider outstanding. I still remember the information they have taught me, and I consider myself lucky to have been taught by them. My strongest subject is science.
I very much like the classes offered. Teachers are very friendly, and know how to adapt to different classes. I wish there would be more times for certain classes to be taught.
Chequamegon high school isn't one of the greatest high schools in my area. The academics are poor and the quality of teaching and administration are also poor.
The Chequamegon School District is a great school. It is a small school, but that means everyone knows each other and for the most part everyone gets along fairly well. Some of the teachers here are the best I could ask for. They really know how to educate and get their students excited and focus on what they are learning, which leads to not only a better experience, but better knowledge of the subject. I would like to change one thing, however. I would like the students to be more involved in decisions that effect them, like switching to block schedule, graduation, and more.
Went to Chequamegon School District all four years. Many different activities to get involved with and lots of educational experiences.
I liked that i was able to change my classes if I needed to. I wish there was more of a wider selection of classes and clubs available.
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