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I would like more school spirit from the students. I think that school involvement makes school more fun.
The academics at this school are very reliable. There was never a point during high school that I felt as if I was being left behind in regards to education or access to technology. This school is smaller than other schools because of the location, so for a traditional student, this would be a great place to start and continue education all the way until completion of high school. One key area of this school that sets it apart from others at the high school level is the access to technology-oriented classes such as web design, photoshop, MOS Certification and workplace skill classes. Personally while here I recieved a total of 13 tech related college credits next to a full panel of Microsoft Office certifications.
The Cheney School District is a very close community. I have had a very good experience by being able to participate in many clubs and after school activities. The teachers and other administrators do everything in their abilities to provide the students with everything they need in order for them to succeed. I am a running start student, so Cheney High School provides students with the opportunity to get a head start on college.
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I came to Cheney in the 8th grade from California, and the idea of being the new kid in a new school and state was one of the most frightening things I've ever experienced, but when I walked through the doors of Cheney Middle School I was greeted with warmth and open arms. The education I received was amazing all the way till I graduated. The teachers truly cared for their students, and the AP teachers are without match.
school district is good yet they keep raising taxes without any regaurd to what is best for students. They need to learn to budget and get rid of wasteful expenses. Teachers do not need special doors to go in and out, they do not need helpers to do there work, thought that they were teachers, figured that that is why they went to college and were there for kids not for the money, do we really to spend money on all theose secretaries and office people?
I have spent pretty much my whole school career within Cheney. It is a wonderful place to learn especially because the students and teachers all feel like they are more then people that you go to school with. I have gained an immense set of skills, knowledge, and experience. If their was to be something to change though I would definitely suggest an update in the schools rooms and facilities though I do believe they have been working on that.
Cheney High School has been a safe place for me to go the past four years. This school has given me a great opportunity to broaden my knowledge and gives me the chance to go farther in what I am most interested in. The staff at the high school care for the students and will help them any way they can to ensure they succeed.
I wish the school had more funding to expand for incoming students and give larger budgets to other departments at all their schools. A great thing about Cheney School District is their bus system; they have one of the biggest bus district routes in the area and all of the staff and faculty genuinely cares for their students to succeed. I am so glad to have gone through this school system; I benefited from clubs, sports and excellent teachers that prepared me for college.
Cheney is definitely an up and coming school, in my opinion. Before I decided to run for ASB, I wasn't super into high school and just wanted to skate by unnoticed. However, Cheney has a way of changing people. The teachers are almost all looking out for your best interest. The staff is all around very supportive and involved in the success of the students, and it helps to add to the positive environment. I went from a shy sophomore involved in nothing to an involved member of the high school, participating in ASB, PBIS, leadership, National Honors Society, managing sports, and always ready to jump on the microphone in front of the student body.
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