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Chenango Forks Central School District Reviews

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I went to Chenango Forks my whole life and it is truly an amazing school. The sports are top notch and it is in a great community. Very safe! I don’t think I’d ever change anything!
Chenango Forks is a safe environment with many college and STEM opportunities. Many choices of clubs and athletics teams
I enjoy attending Chenango Forks because everyone seems like family. The small aspect of the school allows you to form great relationships with your peers, teachers, and administrators. Both the guidence department and my current and previous teachers have contributed greatly to my college readiness. I strongly believe that I have receive top level education in my 12 years at Chenango Forks. The quality of the education is the most important value of everyone at Chenango Forks, which shows why the students excel.
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I like CF school because it is not to big. It has the best Football program and coaches. Nice area and I like that all the schools and sports fields are all located in one area.
Chenango Forks is an awesome school. With the renovations currently in progress including new science wing for STEAM and lighting for the football, CF is one of the best public schools in the area.
Love the Blue Devils!!!!!!!!
I've gone to Forks my whole life and I'm glad I did. Thanking my parents every day for picking Chenango Forks
I have attended Chenango Forks my whole life. The faculty is amazing, they treat students as though they are equals instead of children. They teach students not only about the course they are teaching, but about life and speak with them about things that really matter such as deciding on what college they will be attending or what kind of career they are looking to pursue. The guidance counselors do not do a very good job at helping students on an individualized basis even though Chenango Forks is a small school relative to other schools in the area. Overall an education from Chenango Forks will definitely help me to succeed in my future endeavors!
Chenango Forks is a safe and comfortable environment for student. Very educational and fun at the same time
CF cares about its students. They have many classes for advanced kids, and at at the same time, many special ed classes and opportunites. For being a smaller school, they try to provide many different experiences for the students and hire teachers who are passionate about what they do.
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