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Cheltenham School District Reviews

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Strong teachers who care about their students. Creative teaching experience. Real world diversity in the school. Open to change and evolution. Parents are involved with their children.
Brand new elementary and middle school buildings
Amazing extracurriculars
Graduates get into top tier colleges
Very diverse
Progressive and creative community
What I like about the Cheltenham School District is that its very diverse and the teachers are friendly. The teachers seem to love what they do and will stay after school if students ask for help. The school also let students voice their opinions and actually listen and make changes. What I don't like is that the disciplinary is not harsh so people think they can do what they want after that its a great school.
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I really enjoyed Cheltenham until I got to the high school > I would like to see a change in the discipline. Too many students get away with things. I felt unsafe most of my years at the high school.
I liked how diverse it was. I had friends from different backgrounds and cultures. The student body was very passionate about getting things done and changing things when certain stuff could be approved.
The elementary schools are amazing accordin to my siblings. But I do see that they are so friendly and inviting, They just have a great environment in general. As you move into high levels of education though the facilities become more drab and also more dysfunctional.
Cheltenham School District is a good school. The teachers are helpful, the classes go on for days (the list), and we are able to have more trips and opportunities this year and the upcoming years. That’s from all of our fundraising every week.
Excellent school, convenient, good teachers, nice environment, good study programs, a lot of nice friends, easy communication, lots of memories, love the school trips, love the AP courses, honor program is excellent,
The diversity of the student population, as well as the huge variety of academic and extracurricular choices, are what make Cheltenham so special. CHS offers the most AP courses of any high school in the region, has a really caring and supportive community,, and great school spirit.
I made the most of my education at Cheltenham. I had some amazing teachers who believed in me. I was very involved in music which was a close-knit family.
I think my experience was good. I think they need to have more security. I also think more discipline for those students not following the rules. Our administration seems to cuddle those students who are not doing the correct thing,.
The school district has many unique people. They still somewhat struggle with current issues with discipline.
Growing up in Cheltenham, I had a great experience because I was able to be involved with many after school activities and had great teachers along the way
What I liked about Cheltenham was the diversity. It wasn't a majority of a certain race or religion. But what I would like to see change is how things are ran. So if someone was getting bullied it seems like they don't take action right away.
I am currently a senior at Cheltenham High School and love it. The teachers really care for their students and provide individual support when needed. The school has a large abundance in spirit and diversity which exposes people to different cultures. This prepares them for the real world and allows them to grow as an individual. In the future I would like to see less fights by offering a more effective outlet for stress and issues.
I have never had as many opportunities as I have had here in Cheltenham. There are multiple activities in which I am allowed to participate in and there are a lot of friendly people here to get to know.
My overall experience with Cheltenham School District is great. The teachers in the district are great. The teachers go above and beyond the call of duty to help their students grasp different education subjects to mastery. The students are often welcomed to stay after school or even come before school to get the extra help needed. Cheltenham School District is truly a place where no child is left behind.
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