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What I love about Chelsea public schools is how much the Administration cares for the students success at Chelsea public schools. We have so many options to participate in during after school schools like clubs, organizations and sports. The teachers holds us to high expectations and what us to do good in their classes. The food could be better but thats something that is difficult to change so I am not worried about that. The school system is very diverse not everyone is the same race. One thing that could be better is parent involvement because I feel that if the student's parents are involved at the school, the student will do much better at school knowing that their parent cares about their education.
I have had a roller coaster experience in my time attending Chelsea Public Schools. The diversity and attention to inclusion among the not so diverse faculty is beyond amazing, and although at times it is difficult to focus on the bigger picture as an inner city school, I would not imagine myself anywhere else, and I don't believe I would have learned how to attack the game of life without my experience here.
The school district delivers a lot of support to its students, making sure that each one has a chance to walk across the stage at graduation. Many may choose to go to college, some may choose to go do a certificate program, and others may find a unique way to make it, with the help and loving support of the faculty and staff at the Chelsea Public School district. This is more prominent when the district has the ability to be in contact with colleges and other organizations from the historical city of Boston, Massachusetts, where leaders and other professionals can come and inspire the minds of young learners.
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I love that we the students academically have so many opportunities. Chelsea High offers us a variety of amazing classes that can right of the bat set the students up for success or put us a step ahead from everyone else. We have access to honors, AP, and college classes. These classes not only challenge us but they also allow us to earn college credit while in high school for free. Although I love my school I would like change how our school focus more on spending money on unnecessary things the school needs than spending it on teachers to get more supplies for us or our school sports team.
Chelsea Public Schools has a very low budget for education, and as a result of this, many teachers have come and left. It makes it difficult for students to learn and excel when they have to adjust to learning from new teachers that don't have a lot of experience.
The teachers' involvement in students academic success helped me earn good grades and prepared me for college. Guidance counselors were very helpful with the college application process.
Chelsea Public Schools is a hard place for kids to learn. Most kids don’t want to learn and be cool and live on the streets and it takes away from the kids that do want to learn. But even those adolescents who don’t want to learn change mind at some point and Chelsea Public Schools hits you with life really early on and takes away a adolsents childhood.
My experience within the Chelsea Public School system was very difficult but a learning experience. I never had an issue with any students nor with the teachers, the Chelsea Public schools is a free for all students. Their very accepting to all students from different backgrounds and culture which means its a very diverse school. Although their are a few tweaks that should be fixed in the school like more discipline and administration caring more about their students future rather than second guessing themselves believing that what their doing now currently is helping students when it's really not.
While attending Chelsea High School, I had many opportunities that I wouldn't have had anywhere else. Their use of both athletics and technical college is far beyond anything I ever realized until attending. There are many clubs and organizations that support students both emotionally and physically, and the culture of learning surrounding the staff is one that is hard to top. Hard to leave this place!
I went to Chelsea Public Schools for almost my entire k-12 experience. I had amazing teachers but the lack of flexibility of curriculum and lack of resources did make it a challenge.
Chelsea High School is a very diverse but close community. When help is needed it is easy to find and everyone is so friendly to everyone. The school is very accepting and doesn't judge on who you are or where you're from. Something about the school that I would like to be changed would be the administration in the high school. They are very excluded to the school and do not really participate with the students or their education.
The Chelsea School District is an integral part of the community. People come here to raise their kids, and for good reason - Chelsea schools are some of the best in the area for academics, sports, and extracurricular opportunities for students.

Additionally, people at Chelsea schools truly care about the well-being of their students. When a crisis occurs, the school community pulls together. For proof, check out the #WhyYouMatter campaign (, spurred by recent student deaths.
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