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The teachers and staff are very helpful and responsive. The schools are quite safe, and the police are in close proximity to each of the schools, especially to both middle schools and the high school. There is less pressure on the students in this district in comparison to other schools nearby, which have a high suicide rate. There are many opportunities for students to get help for any reason. The high school has a school psychologist for any students seeking help.
My experience at Chelmsford High School was great. The teachers were all great and helpful. The sports teams were great to be a part of with great coaches that wanted to see you succeed.
I think that the culture of Chelmsford Public School, especially the high school, needs to change and the schools need to be updated.
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I would like more consistency with the teachers. Most teachers are great but that one off teacher can mess up your year of learning and GPA
This school provided me with the tools to succeed in college and outside of school. All the teachers want to help you to learn and succeed.
The staff works incredibly hard to provide a solid education for students and truly connect with them. I would like to see the administration support its teachers more.
I felt that Chelmsford High School's music program was the best part of my academics. The teachers that I worked with, Roeder and Sexauer, we're so attentive and taught me immensely. I feel fully ready to pursue my music education career because of their helpfulness. Other academics-wise, I felt that all departments supported me academically and helped me become a smarter and more independent person.
I really liked CHS when I went there, however a new administration has been making many changes which I believe have been making the school system go downhill.
The English and math faculties are strong and engage my peers and I effectively. There is a large emphasis on sports, but I never felt overwhelming pressure to participate in a sport. My favorite aspect of this school is the music and drama program.
Chelmsford High School is a community that welcomes everyone with open arms and gives them the same opportunity to earn an education. Staff members, including guidance counselors and deans will do whatever it takes to guide their students in the path that fits them personally. Along with providing a good education, the school provides a good amount of school activities that all grades can participate it such as the dodgeball tournament, spirit week, pep rally, and even the 24 Hour Relay. Chelmsford High gives back to the community in any and all possible ways.
My overall experience in Chelmsford Public Schools has been great. This district is my favorite out of all the towns I've lived in. I've learned many things in the past years and made life long friends. I like this district because even though we're diverse in cultures and in many other ways, it doesn't matter, we're all one and the schools and teachers create and a friendly and safe environment.
Lovely place to grow up and attend school. Really helped me become ready for college by giving me internship opportunities and leadership opportunities I needed to grow as a person.
I love the faculty at CHS. They're engaged, involved, and they really care about their students and about the material they're teaching. I'm grateful for the variety and strength of curriculum that's offered here.
An overall special school, with a student body that thinks of itself as a family. Both faculty and student constantly support eachother to make sure we have the best high school experience possible.
Great staff, good facility, and resources. Not much diversity, great sports. The teachers make sure you are ready for college.
Chelmsford High School has excellent teachers who are always ready to help students learn and are motivating students to achieve there greatest levels of success. The school is safe, has many wonderful sports and clubs for the students to join.
My experience in Chelmsford High school has changed me to become a better person. Everyone experiences High school differently. For myself, it was pretty good four years. I have had my ups and downs but, overall this year is ending on a good note. It all has to do with the people you surround yourself with. Also, how you can learn from your mistakes. One thing I would like to change about my school is the look. I'm not looking for golden doors and marble floors. I just think if the school had a bit more of a touch up it will look more appealing. even though people say looks don't matter it is what is on the inside. I still think that my school's education system is excellent. if the school's appearance could be as good as our education system , this would be the golden school. who wouldn't want to go to a school with a good education system and good appearance?
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As a Class of 2016 Chelmsford high school graduate I can reflect on my four year experience there and say that it was good and bad in many different ways. The overall culture did not represent the type of pride or spirit I hoped to embody while at college. The students did not seem interconnected and cliques were the norm. However, I did appreciate the time, effort and dedication of many teachers, staff and faculty. Their passion for their students was pure and it was obvious that they truly wanted to see the students succeed.
The school has a 4/5 education system. Most teachers are great with a few exceptions. However many textbooks are old and the school is very outdated.
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