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My time as a student at Chehalis school district has been amazing there is always a teacher wanting to be involved I have never once felt like I was in danger chehalis school district has really helped me learn how to value my life more and more and to always take responsibility for your actions
My experience with the Chehalis School District has been amazing. In my time in the district we have built up our science department and built a new STEM Wing at our high school. The district has also been given many large donations from community members to help fund our programs. Five years ago we were also gifted with a Scanning Electron Microscope, which is a piece of equipment that most colleges don't even have. We are also in the process of building two new elementary schools. The teachers I have had were all invested in my learning and I have always felt comfortable with asking for help. The district demonstrates powerful teaching and learning in almost every class. The district also pushes college and career readiness. Each year many of the schools in the district send students on college tours as well. I have been given many opportunities in the Chehalis School District in my almost 13 years there and I am very grateful for all of these opportunities.
Lots of cliques and the teachers are sometimes helpful but most of the time I just feel like a burden to them especially for my amount of school I'm gone
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Chehalis School District is improving year after year, whether it be in its STEM program or in its stellar athletics department. Definitely worth a visit, especially since a new STEM wing is being built.
I was a part of the Chehalis School District from 6th grade until the year I graduated from W.F. West High School. I had a really good experience while I was here, made a lot of friends and was able to take part in a lot of fun activities. As a student I had the usual difficulties with a couple teachers and that sort of thing. But the overall environment was great. Since my senior year, I have noticed some changes beginning to take place that I believe to be the better for Chehalis Schools. One being the new weight room facility that opened my senior year. And other including the new elementary school being built and the STEM wing that will hopefully be added to the high school. Overall Chehalis School District is a great place for kids to attend school.
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