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Cheektowaga Central School District Reviews

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I strongly enjoyed my time at Cheektowaga Central. The teachers that I interacted with made true changes in my life that I carry with me to this day. Cheektowaga Central gave me a chance to experience a truly diverse environment that helped better prepare me for the real world. The only thing that could be improved upon is the way disciplinary issues are handled. I frequently witnessed bullying and distracting students being slapped on the wrist, creating a distracting environment for those truly trying to learn at times.
There are many teachers here that care deeply about their students, many teachers will do anything to improve the learning environment and overall well being of their students. These teachers are what makes this school what it is.
This school is very diverse the teachers really care about your grades and they’re very attentive and nice
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It has been a great experience at Cheektowaga Central High School. I am a Senior and I have been going there since 2015. All of the teachers there all very nice, professional, and resourceful. All of the Staff prepares their students for the world after high school.
All the teachers care about you, and want you to do good. You grow a bond with everyone, you’re not just another student in the classroom. The learning experience is always made fun and if you’re ever struggling with anything you’re surrounded by people willing to help. Not only is the educational gain amazing, but there is a wide range of extracurricular activities or events anyone can partake in which gives each student something to look forward to. Overall, it’s been an amazing experience and I’m glad I got to be a part of the community.
My experience at Cheektowaga Central has been pretty good. The teachers there do their best to get all of us ready for what lies ahead in our school career and in life. The overall atmosphere in the school is pretty much full of happiness and friendliness. The teachers connect with the students around them and try new things everyday to get us engaged in learning.
I love Cheektowaga Central. A very diverse place with different types of students. Great staff and great events that always made a day at central fun!
Cheektowaga was a melting pot of all different kinds of people coming from different backgrounds. It was a great experience spending all 4 years there and would not trade any moment of it.
The teachers build close bonds and friendships with the students and these will definitely have a great impact on the students when heading off to college. They are very realistic and give a good idea of what the real world will be like and how to best prepare you for life after high school.
Its alright but not the best. There are ups and nows but still, I wouldn't give up being a warrior for anything.
Cheektowaga central really cares about the students and strives to make them do better. I like how the teachers try to help the students any way they can.
I love Cheektowaga Central. I love the teachers and how caring and understanding they are. I love the students were no one feels like an outsider.
Great Teachers, but many students are unmotivated and do not value education. It seems that many students don't value education. I would also like to see metal detectors and an armed officer in the school. Guidance counselors could be more helpful with scholarship information. Also, there were not that many electives for me to take and there were not too many advanced and honors courses. The school focuses on the weak students and the problem kids and neglects the higher achievers and the honors students.
Cheektowaga central is well known high school that will go down in history. Alumni come back all the time to visit the teachers and check up on the school. The teachers are well trained in what they do. All teachers are always willing to go out of their way to help guide a student when they need it. Its a good working environment and great for sports. I love going to school everyday knowing that I will get the education i need for the future. No, is not a perfect school but not every school you go to is perfect but, its perfect for me I get all the learning I need and always getting my work done. The football games at cheektowaga central will always be memorable.
I didn’t have a god-awful experience, but it wasn’t the best either. It wasn’t until I went away to College did a realize that Central wasn’t the best of all schools, but certainly not the worst. The only things that I am greatful from Central is that it offered College and AP classes, and that there were a few teachers who did care about my well being, but most seemingly did not.
I loved my school, my peers and all of my educators. The school is very diverse and offer plenty of AP courses to challenge students.
Cheektowaga Central is a great school, with a wonderful staff, in a diverse environment! Go Warriors!
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Most teachers are great, but the school environment isn't the best. Plenty of students are very immature and not much is done about their attitude, though the student body is very diverse. The food for the most part sucks, but what can you expect from a public school.
My Experience At Cheektowaga Central High school Has Been The Best Years Of My Life. When I Was A Freshman I Was So Nervous Because I Was New And Didn't Know How Things Worked But The teachers Are So Nice And Loving They Want To Help You Succeed And Be Successful In Life. Now Since I'm A Senior I Am More Involved. Our Sports Teams Are Amazing Our Clubs Are Nice And Committed. The Academics is actually really good. At CCHS We Look At Ourselves As A Family And Team Players. I Honestly Wouldn't Change A Thing
The school taught me a lot about diversity and how to accept and live in a world where everyone is different. I learned a lot about different cultured because of all the diverse students who went. Teachers were there to help for the most part. Lots of classes for students with different skill sets, including help AIS for those who needed extra help and advanced and honors classes for those who could handle a bit more.
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