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Teachers are very well educated and maintain command in the classroom. I experienced respect, kindness, and a love of educating from the staff. No student was left to themselves. Teachers always were willing to help students and create a nurturing atmosphere.
I would like to see a faculty that does more to prepare students for college. The food is inedible but the teachers are very pleasant.
The class sizes were very reasonable. Teachers and administrators were all very friendly and knew the names to every child. Strict policies on bullying and drugs. Lunch was allowed to be off campus which was great. All around great place
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Our school is fundamentally lacking in funding, therefore, several major programs had to be eliminated to accommodate. However, the majority of the faculty in our community sincerely cares for the well-being of every student, and several treat their occupations with sincere passion.
Honestly, this school was life changing for me. Even though I only attended this school for four years, it has made me a better person. The teachers are dedicated to giving me the best education possible, and I have made some unforgettable friends here too. Furthermore, the class size is reasonable and there are not more than 25 kids in a classroom, not including elective classes. If I could have attended this school from the very beginning I would have because it has given me experiences that I know will be helpful for me later in the future.
I don't fully know how to roam around the website, but I do always get your emails and that kinda helps me navigate it better. Overall I'm pretty indifferent
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