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Chattooga County Schools Reviews

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It is an amazing school! There are so many opportunities that many other schools don’t have! They prepare you for he real world and every teacher there is amazing. The principal, Jeff Martin, is one of the most respected men in our region.
I love my school because we are one tribe. All of our teachers have our backs and gives us the support we need with whatever we need. If there is anyone that needs help with school, work, or home problems, our principal and administrators will help them. There is not one thing I would change abou tmy school and I am thankful to be able to attend here.
I love CHS! It is just like another family to me, however just like families we disagree on things. I think one thing I would want changed is that the athletic team does not get special privileges.
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What I like about the schools are that there are some teachers that want us to learn and do our best, and want us to pass, and they want us to be safe. The food is pretty good, the environment of the school is good I guess, but there are some things I'd like to change about the schools, like how the students have bad mouths, like everywhere you turn someones cussing, and the violence in the school, I'd like to see that change, but overall, I think the schools are pretty good.
Chattooga county schools are one of the only school districts in the U.S. that has a four day school week. The faculty and staff work very hard with the students to ensure that they are learning productively in the classroom and make good use of seat time. They also offer several AP and Dual Enrollment classes such as English, math, environmental science, and more that allow students a chance to get free college credit. They also offer several ACT prep classes throughout the year that helps students prepare for the exam prior to their test dates. Also recently in the past few years their sports teams have moved up in the ranks, with football finishing in three rounds in state in 2016, basketball finishing three rounds in state in 2016, and volleyball finishing third overall in state in their division in 2017.
I moved to Summerville Middle School in 8th grade. I have never fully felt involved or at home till i moved to Chattooga. Everyone is so friendly the teachers have a true motivation and urge to teach successfully. There were three middle schools coming together to the same high school. I was nervous but over all it was a really great thing. More diversity and opportunities to learn from people that are not like you or you haven't met before. By the time the next school year started the brand new high school was completed and it was beautiful. I am now a senior at Chattooga High and my experience here has been absolutely outstanding. I love the relationships that have grown here and will never forget the opportunities and obstacles our teachers have thrown at us to make us better.
Overall we have a 4 day week which makes the kids go from about 730 to 345. It was suppose to be to save money but instead our test scores have dropped because kids are exhaustwd and unable to focus so long. Teachers are great overall and we truly have some good kids!
Chattooga high school is academically and athletically competitive school. It offers a variety of courses to help determinate career paths for young students. Chattooga High School has also just been newly renovated, making it a very safe and energy efficient school.
I have attended school within Chattooga County School System from Kindergarten all the way to my graduation and have loved my experience here. All of the staff is very helpful and truly care about seeing the students succeed in life. I am very grateful for the wonderful people I have came in contact with during my educational career and for my time here.
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