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I can't say much since I graduated before the new school was built, but the continuing of fighting is still around, and it needs to change. Everyone I surrounded myself with was great, so be careful about who you surround yourself with in this school. Other than that, academics were like every other high school, I imagine.
At Chartiers Valley School district the teachers put the students success before everything else. As a student i have noticed that my teachers as well as the teachers i do not have do everything they can to make sure we do not fail. The classes are always interactive and help is offered when a student is struggling. As a student at Chartiers Valley I have had a very good experience, bullying is in every school but there are systems in place to prevent it here. The diverse hallways with the never ending sight of new faces is my favorite part overall. Although some parts of the year can be rough, the endless supply of resources by the faculty really allows kids to succeed and it has helped me as well as others. My experience at CV was overall very good!
I would like to see the school lunches change, but otherwise everything is perfect. I recommend this school district.
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I like how diverse Chartiers Valley is within their student body. They also offer programs and opportunities for everyone such as design, TV media, and robotics. There are also many clubs and classes people can take to have more fun like band and art club.
The Musical and Theater programs are top notch. We are a very diverse school. We are still having lots of issues with discipline, respect, and bullying.
I like the diverse levels of classes with different kinds of students. The system of communication and help for students is not as great as it can be.
The school has good teachers and a wide variety of clubs. The school itself is not very clean, and does not have environmental conscious programs or policies.
I have one student at the primary school and another one at the intermediate school. I have been happy with the academic rigor and focus on STEM. There is a lot of cultural diversity within the district and vast opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities.
The theatre program and some of the teachers are fantastic but the facilities are subpar. The new middle school is nice though! especially the dry erase walls.
I got a decent education here. Some teachers were stellar, but others could not care less about their students. I also was on the honors track, so students who may have had more trouble with school were definitely left behind. CV also blows a lot of money on things that aren't necessary.
At Chartiers Valley, overall I felt pretty confident in the material I learned and maintained pretty good grades. Many of the teachers though, do not know how to talk to students and can sometimes be straight up rude and disrespectful towards the students. I also feel as though they don’t take serious issues like depression and bullying as seriously as they should.
I went to Chartiers Valley as English Second Language student I got a lot of help in my science AP courses, my ESL teacher is the best teacher in the world, She always treated us like her own kids, She is welling to help and explain what we can not understand from other classes, I am so happy being here.
Chartiers Valley is a very unique school and has provided me with a great education while also providing me with a vast array of connections with teachers, students, and alum.
The teaching staff is above average, however the school itself is a mess, and there is always a problem with a building, construction etc...
Chartiers Valley School district has a huge diversity of students and offers a vast sort of clubs and sports offered to its students. Its has difficulty with placing budgets since its focused more on the success of its sports teams rather than the success of the arts or academics. Most of the teachers are well quipped to teach but the district fails to provide enough teachers for all of subjects which in turn places the lessons of difficult subjects on educators unprepared for these lessons. This then results in lessons only focused on teaching the test rather than teaching knowledge. Its fails to respect the desires and needs of its students and fails to see what is important, like proportionate class size and/or quality of the teaching.
Overall, the Staff in Chartiers Valley were kind people. Some teachers were either really good or really bad; it was a hit or miss. In my opinion, teachers should involve themselves more in bullying-related situations. The resources provided for us (textbooks, laptops, and food) were phenomenal.
Chartiers Valley prepared me for college and many of the courses academically helped me in my first year. Although the academics are steady, the facility, administration, and food was below average.
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What I liked about Chartiers Valley High School is the overall friendliness and social construct of the school. Everyone there is different and accepted for their differences. What I would like to see change is probably a better relationships and communication between school officials and the students, but that's only a minor inconvenience occasionally.
To be honest, Chartiers Valley is a clique school. Everyone is automatically put into certain categories whether you are smart, dumb, cool, emo, or weird. Teachers are average, some are good, others not so much and that is another factor, how good of a student you are and do you misbehave. This is not the case for all teachers though. It is also a place for hate, gossip spreads like wildfire and drugs have been running ramp-id since the days of nevillewood, but then again drugs have always been around. Academics are good, culture and diversity lags. Administration can be harsh on light violations of the school rule, and that also plays into effect. But add everything together and depending on view, either have a good school or a bad one....
Chartiers Valley has offered me an abundant amount of experiences that I will be able to carry with me throughout life. Challenging me within the classroom as well as outside of the classroom has allowed me to be able to be well adaptive in many situations. I am thankful that Chartiers Valley values their relationships with their students because it has created a very safe and welcoming environment. The variety of classes CV offers is remarkable which has allowed me to explore a numerous amount of fields while also guiding me on a successful path to college. Chartiers Valley is undergoing a reconstruction phase which has not made senior year ideal. Following graduation I hope to see a beautiful new building that is a great symbol for everything CV offers.
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