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Charlton County Schools Reviews

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Charlton county schools have taught me a lot and made me understand the difference in right and wrong.I can’t wait to graduate because I know I can go into the real world and understand the real meaning of things.
I enjoyed my experience cheering for CCHS on Friday nights and the friendships I made through it. I am also grateful for my opportunity to Dual Enroll, getting a jump start on college.
Charlton County High School Faculty went over and beyond what was required. When I entered technology competitions that transported me hours away and I was the only student participating. Some of the staff pitched in to make sure I had the appropriate attire to where for graduation. Whenever I needed guidance their doors were always opened. The scho was not the biggest or up to date but their dedication makes up for that. I'm glad to have been a student.
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One main issue about Charlton is favoritism within the administration and faculty. Last names are important and appearance is a big thing.
The teachers were willing to help you learn and encourage you to do your best. However, more communication need to be provided to students regarding obtaining scholarships, applying for college and other opportunities that are available.
School needs more funding! More diversity would help better this school. Better school lunches would improve my rating for this school. I like the small class room environments, because it makes it easier to follow along during instruction & it's easier to get one-on-one help.
I began Pre-K in Charlton County, and I graduated from this school system. I think it was as good as it could be given that it's located in a small town. Most of my teachers did their jobs the best that they could, but they can only do so much to influence the education system. I would love to see more AP and college-prep classes be introduced. I did not feel as prepared going into college when compared to other college students. I wish that there were more resources for students and parents to navigate FAFSA and college scholarships. I did not know much about any of that when I graduated. Students should be able to go into "the real world" feeling secure and prepared.
I enjoyed the small town vibe. I graduated with 65 in my class and it was a really close environment. Teachers knew and cared about your life.
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