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I like how Charlottesville city schools are so diverse, each elementary has a different vibe. The upper elementary school is fine, and the middle school is ok. The high school is pretty good despite a Spanish teacher who wasn’t the best, she was more of an antagonizer rather than a teacher. But other than that hiccup, the high school is fine.
I'm very impressed with our daughters elementary school experience. Before moving here we agonized over county vs. city schools but we definitely made the right choice for us to send her to the city schools. Great community and dedicated teachers.
Charlottesville city schools are dynamic, unique, and diverse. The school population is highly diverse and educated.
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It is a good school mostly however there is an issue with teachers being qualified/knowing their subjects (even for AP classes) and also, while there is a great amount of diversity, there is very little integration.
Starting Charlottesville High was very overwhelming at first. After the first few years pass by, you feel like family. One very diverse family. Very proud that I went to a school that has supported many people backgrounds, religions and political views. Once something happens to one of us, it affects all of us. All the adults in this high school are very welcoming and open to everyone which is very odd is some schools. Students are very welcoming and care very much about their educations. Very proud to be a black knight.
I am a out of district student who chose CHS and I pay tuition to attend. I love Charlottesville City Schools because, they attend to the needs of the student. Charlottesville is also diverse, and includes all of there students to have a good time. The Academics at Charlottesville are competitive and challenging given students what they need to be at the top.
A school that preaches diversity when their students are divided in friend groups where minority students sit in one courtyard and the white students sit in another. The school tracks students into difficulty of classes where the minority students rarely take AP classes.
Charlottesville City Schools have great AP and high level classes as well as arts programs, however my experience with sports hasn't been wonderful. I feel as though Charlottesville City Schools could do a lot better with the environment that encompasses the school.
I have been in the Charlottesville City School system for almost four years now, and my experience has been very positive. Coming from a private school, I thought the transition would be difficult, but I found a new home here by getting involved in the various extracurricular activities offered.
C'ville schools are very poorly rated on other sites because it has a huge amount of diversity. The city has only one school system so has very high achievers with excellent home environments (C'ville is filled with professors, doctors, researchers etc) but it includes people from all stripes. They have done an amazing job of making the most of that diversity and my daughter has thrived there. By far the best school opportunities in the area are found inside the city in my opinion.
Charlottesville city schools have a lot of programs that allow the students to get ahead and graduate with college courses and have many opportunities to help get us to a 4 year college, can start learning a new language in elementary and show children to treat others the same. Charlottesville City Schools need the change the support system they have and also the way of contacting parents in emergency situations. The teachers don't have that much support from their superiors.
I love my school. The Charlottesville community embraces diversity and as such as young group of people, it's amazing to see my peers extend their hands to how the value of our differences. CHS students especially organize various events to ensure that all other students are equal in more ways than one. SCA meetings are open to all and officials make it easy to contact them to voice an opinion. Faculty let their contact information be know to the school and answer every email within a day or two. Our school has grown closer and closer each year. Students have the opportunities to learn about people from all over and what makes their unique but connected
Charlottesville High one of the greatest schools I've been in and around out of school. The school has amazing school spirit and caring teachers that push you to the limit when you are 100% engaged with your school work. The sport culture is out of this world and I was apart of creating Black Knight Nation during our basketball season of my Junior year. The food could be better but it got me through 3 in a half years of not starving myself. The AVID program was a great program getting me ahead of most of my class and got me ready for college and what I should expect. The teachers are great from discipline to just having fun with a certain student or all students. They are very goofy but also on point when it comes to there students and their success going into the workforce or college. Being a Black Knight was the most amazing thing to be apart of and I'm happy I was able to experience being at Charlottesville High.
Loved sports , that was my main focus at chs is sports . I've always wanted to play with my friends , the same friends since day one. So me and my friends worked hard keep our grades up and was able to play on the same basketball team in highschool & that was very enjoyable throughout the years.
I have been in the Charlottesville City Schools system for 8 years. It has been the best experience ever. There is lots of diversity within the schools as well as teachers that are really passionate. I would recommend the schools with high praise.
What I like about Charlottesville High School is that there is a variety of classes that are offered. There are general, honor, AP, and DE classes. I believe the school has many opportunities to offer. One of the best programs CHS offers is AVID. AVID aids student in the college process. I also like the Diversity and multicultural aspects of the school. It allows students to feel included in many groups and feel at home. What I don't like about Charlottesville is the poor school lunch, lack of authority, and lack of personal relationships between students and teachers. I wish that teachers displayed more care towards students. I wish the lunch was satisfying and sufficient. I believe if there were more rules and authority more students would be successful and have discipline and structure.
In the Charlottesville school system it was a friendly and outgoing system that will do what ever they can to help you to succeed in the future. What they need to change is their classes to suit all the students that come because not everyone wants to go to college.
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