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Overall, I have had a great high school experience through Charleston High School. CHS offers many courses to expand my options for the future and provides resources such as WATC and concurrent online courses to further my academic endeavors.
I've attended School of the Arts for nearly six years now, and I've had an amazing experience with just about every aspect of it. The major departments are especially wonderful, as the faculty is clearly passionate about not just their respective art forms, but the students they teach. Architecturally, the campus is beautiful, with the RMM Theatre and Pegasus Garden being the crowning jewels, as it were, of the facility.

The faculty is somewhat of a mixed bag, as is to be expected with any CCSD school. Some teachers are incredibly caring and qualified, while others are anything but. My biggest issue with the school, however, is the administration. While communication is slowly getting better, admin is often this invisible force that has little to no connection with the student body and major teachers. Other than that, though, School of the Arts is a beautiful, loving school where any artist can find a home.
The Charleston School District has such a great learning environment with many outstanding teachers and services. It offers students an amazing learning experience, many clubs and activities, a variety of sports, and an excellent band experience. It is a great place for all students to grow and learn.
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I have enjoyed my time at Charleston High School and feel like the teaching staff have prepared me for college. I was very active in sports, clubs and did volunteer services also. Only thing I would change is the food.
Charleston has been a great experience for me. It is a small town school so there is politics to keep in mind. However, I have grown to love this little town. I have wonderful teachers who guide me. I have great friends. The school is just a good atmosphere.
Very welcoming school with great programs, small class sizes and assistance for struggling students. Teachers use a variety of communication methods and are open with parents.
I have attended Charleston Public Schools for the past 13 years. My mother is a 13 year Charleston alum as well. It's a great place to live and attend school. Charleston is a small town where everyone knows each other and takes care of each other as well. The classes are small enough in size to allow plenty of one on one time with the students as needed. The teachers at Charleston are exceptional and truly care about the academic welfare of their students. Charleston Public Schools have received many honors. They have been recognized for test scores and have a strong history of excelling in sports as well.
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