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In my experience of learning in Charleston, South Carolina I have met many good people including teachers and fellow students. From kindergarten to my senior year, which I now am in, I have seen how strong my education really is. I am thankful to have learned in such a populated and competitive environment because i have learned to push myself to be the best student I can. At my high school there are over 5,000 people which shows just how populated this area is. I do believe that such a heavily populated school has downsides such as large classrooms and difficulty meeting new people. When classes have up to 30 kids per teacher, it is hard to focus, learn, and interact with your teacher. If I had not been involved in extracurricular activities then I would have had a lot of trouble meeting new people and making friends. I do sense that there is a major lack in diversity in these schools but I hope in the future this will change.
I attended a new high school in Charleston County South Carolina. The school was wonderful and provided students the opportunity to attend college classes and receive college credit at no cost. Our teaching staff and administration were great. There were obviously some teachers who were more invested than others.
The district has promoted a healthy learning environment in most schools. However the gap between the majority and minority is sickening. The way schools have been zoned encourage this noticeable gap. This is something that needs to change, but with the recent school board election we now have more non-educators holding seats on the board. I am appreciative of their desire to pump money into the election however, how is someone who has not been in the trenches day in and day out with students going to really know what needs to be done and what is best for kids? I am appalled at what goes on at our county office and just blessed that I attend Wando, the best school in the district.
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My experience has been very well. However I would like to see more rigorous courses to enhance college readiness and career opportunities.
I have severe ADHD and was given no help with that set of challenges. My brother has dyslexia and the school district actively worked not to help him get the assistance he needed. Not to mention that district is completely incapable of keeping good teachers or executing a budget. If a student has any sort of learning disability the school district has absolutely no desire to help them and will actively work against giving them help. If they would put half the effort into helping kids that they put into evading their responsibility to the students it would be a great shool district.
I think that CCSD is a good school district to be in because some schools have awesome teachers that really care about our well being. They really want to make sure that we do well in life by making good life choices.
I have had a very hard time getting clear answers from administration at Trident Technical College. I have been given the run around on several issues that should not have existed in the first place. There are limited resources and clubs, but those that do exist are very nice. Sometimes that behavior of the high school children who attend for early credits frustrate me but I do think it is very beneficial that the program is available to them. I feel that overall the excellent teachers make up for all the shortcomings of this establishment. The much lower tuition does not hurt either.
The Charleston County School District is considered to be among the best School District in the state of South Carolina. It has a variety of Parents, Educators and Business Professionals that makes it better to have a great knowledge of what the students needs are and how to go about getting the needs met. I don't see a need to change anything about the Board.
There were many problems with this school district during my four years of high school. They should do more thorough background checks on who they decide to hire. There were too many inappropriate incidents with faculty and staff. There were two times when a staff member and a student were having an inappropriate relationship. There were times when staff were ridiculing and making sexual remarks about students who stepped outside of the dress code as well. CCSD can do better than that. Kids are supposed to feel safe and welcome when they go to school, not betrayed by the people they are supposed to trust.
Charleston County does not only a good but, excellent job of telling the parents and students important information about school events but, treating the students at their schools with respect. At Wando, students are not seen as children, they are seen as young men and women who are trying to get an education to become successful. I believe the District is very hardworking and should not have to change anything.
Charleston County is a wonderful school district. It has provided me with excellent education and a wonderful school experience!
I have been going to West Ashley high school since the 9th grade. I’ve had an overall good experience with some of my teachers and classmates. Some of my teachers would go out of their way, of making sure myself and classmates have an understand what of is being taught. What would you like to see change? I would like for the teachers; who don’t like to take time out on making sure all students in their class have an understand of what is being taught; to go somewhere else to teach. We need teachers who don’t mind taking the time on re-teaching a lesson because some of his/her students didn’t get the understanding the first time. I guess what I’m trying to say is, they should have more patience. I know they’re job can be hard and stressful sometimes, but some students really appreciate the teachers who take they’re time with teaching, instead of rushing.
I like how I have a lot of different opportunities at Wando but I also feel like Wando hypes up grades and how important "Junior" year is when in reality it ends up stressing out students to the point of not even enjoying school. But other than that I feel prepared for college!
I think Charleston county school district is wonder. They strive to make sure students meet there need. Needs such as approved attire and academics. However, I could see a bright future for this district
As a student, I feel like I have had a great experience with the school and am completely prepared for college.
Charleston County School District is more than just many schools in one county. We all come together and support one another regardless of the school we go to, culture, or race. I love being apart of the Charleston County School District.
I did not like the way education in general is going. There are a lot of wonderful educators who have touched my life but just as many who have dismissed me and my disabilities. The major power players in the schools in this district need to think of the whole child not numbers on a spreadsheet. We need to be encouraged to think and discuss not be encouraged to complete a worksheet. Numbers in the end are not everything and putting that above the children is not right. With that being said there are many people who want to teach the whole child and help kids grow as students and people and i admire them for that.
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Charleston county school district ensures excellence. My experience within this district has provided me with educators and peers who pushed me to succeed. I feel comfortable within my school, and never doubt the education that is being provided to me. There has always been a variety of classes to take and clubs to join. As an individual, I feel well rounded due to my exposure to the many different educational and moral lessons.
The people here seem nice and encouraging, and I love the atmosphere. However, the management and organization in general need to clean up a bit. That's probably why they're in debt...
They tend to be very disorganized. Parents are often informed last minute on important events and dates. Although it is a very diverse district. No school is held on a higher pedestal. Each school gets recognized for tremendous projects that affect not only the community but also the nation and surrounding countries. They push what they believe in and don't leave anyone out. They don't have the necessary funding which leaves students and teachers without the resources needed to teach and improve the lives of students. Their inability to keep teachers has led to overcrowded classrooms with sometimes 30 students in it at a time. Athletics would be better if better equipped. Clubs and sports wanted by students are not available due to lack of one, resources, and teachers. I would love to see improvement. I wouldn't dare EVER put my child in a school in this district. The education is poor and the information taught has been watered down to a very low, easy and vague status.
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